France: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ hunt down Armenians on streets, attack police



Decines, France Les loups gris sont de retour en train de crier « Ici c’est la Turquie » dans les rues de France.

5:57 PM · Oct 28, 2020
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Bahar Kimyongür

Non, mais regardez ce qui se passe à Décines. Des fascistes turcs sèment la terreur dans les quartiers arméniens. La France va très mal.…

5:21 PM · Oct 28, 2020
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Commissaires de police - SICP

Ça soir, à #Vienne, des #Turcs mènent une expédition punitive à la recherche d’#Armeniens, dans la ville.Ils croisent et agressent un équipage de la @PoliceNat38.Nos collègues ont encore fait preuve de sang-froid et de courage face à 150 individus surexcités.#confinement

6:52 PM · Oct 28, 2020
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According to Fdesouche, they attacked police. The French are facing a jihad on many fronts. Will they stand firm, or surrender? That is an open question at this point.
“‘Where are the Armenians?!’: punitive expedition of dozens of Turks in the streets of Décines,” translated from “‘Vous êtes où les Arméniens?!’: expédition punitive de dizaines de Turcs dans les rues de Décines,” LyonMag, October 28, 2020 (thanks to Mason):
This Wednesday evening, during a full curfew, dozens of members of the Turkish community went to Décines.
In the streets of the city center, they chanted pro-Erdogan slogans and threats directed at Armenians. “Allah Akbar”, “Where are the Armenians ?!” or “**** Armenia, we will **** you” are all phrases heard on the many videos relayed on social networks.
According to our information, a strong police presence was dispatched to the east of Lyon to avoid any clash between the two communities. CRS in particular are on site in Décines. TCL bus lines 16 and 67 have been rerouted. A hundred vehicles were overturned in the city.
This punitive expedition, visibly organized by the Gray Wolves, is a response to the Armenian demonstration this Wednesday morning on the A7, which turned into a pitched battle in the middle of the highway with some Turkish nationals. One of them was slightly injured and taken care of by the firefighters.
It would seem, based on exchanges on social networks, that the two camps have more or less met in Vienne and then in Décines to do battle again.
The Turkish procession finally left the scene before 11 p.m. No injuries are reported, according to the firefighters.
For similar events (a strong attempt to destabilize an Armenian rally in Décines on July 24), the young Franco-Turkish Ahmet Çetin was tried in mid September for “incitement to hatred”. This assumed member of the Gray Wolves will be determined on his fate in early November, the prosecution had requested a 6-month suspended prison sentence, a 5-year ineligibility sentence and a 2,000-euro fine.