By Frosty Wooldridge
August 21, 2006

In tomorrow's America of suffocating political correctness and clashing cultures, unrestricted immigration, both legal and illegal, proves a merciless weapon of war. George Bush promotes it, Condi Rice facilitates it and Dick Cheney shoves it down America’s throat. All maintain memberships in the Council on Foreign Relations—a One World Order organization dedicated in disintegrating the borders and sovereignty of the United States of America.

If you look at the ‘elite class’ in America, none of them or their families dwell in the midst of that which they create for Middle America. You do!

Unending immigration imports conflicting languages, barbaric rituals such as female genital mutilation, deadly diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy, cultural antagonisms and loss of a cohesive national identity. California is our national harbinger of things to come. Detroit’s Muslim population grows in antagonisms and segregation greater than anyone can imagine. One look at Britain, Belgium, Holland and France offers a scary glimpse into our future.

It is called Third World Momentum.

The Roman Empire fell to immigration of the Goths and Vandals. Likewise, Celtic Britain, Germany's Prussia and Serbian Kosovo.

Did you notice Canada this summer with its 17 captured homegrown immigrant terrorists? Their Middle Eastern parents immigrated into a First World country with all the advantages of education, jobs and freedom, but they showed their loyalty by making plans to blow people up! How about the 24 homegrown Muslim immigrants in the United Kingdom (not so united today) planning to bomb numerous airliners out of the sky last week? Authorities caught them, this time! Given enough time and numbers, Muslim terrorists in America shall succeed in exploding our precious country into chaos.

I motorcycled through Los Angeles this summer on the 20,000 mile Paul Revere Ride. While we stood for the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, millions in LA jeered us while advocating lawlessness. Let me make this clear! Mexicans march to take back their territory, not to immigrate or become Americans. President Bush stands as a preeminent fool if he thinks they want to speak English and swear allegiance to the United States.

Whose country is this, anyway?

What is our dangerous future? Where once immigration furnished men and women for building a nation, today, illegal and unrestricted mass immigration make a few wealthy at the expense of American citizens. Our own corporations ‘outsource’, ‘offshore’ and ‘insource’ jobs to Third World countries--thus leaving American citizens in unemployment lines.

Our own Congress renewed the H-1B and H-2B visas, which gave 890,000 American jobs in the past 10 years to foreigners. The recent Senate Bill 2611 jumped work visas into limitless numbers. Little wonder our Middle Class augurs into the ground like a plane that lost its wings.

I repeat from a former column--25 Americans suffer death by illegal aliens daily. Not one single U.S. Senator addresses that fact. Only Peter Gadiel, Carol Goodman, John Vizzi, Englerth's family, Bonnie Eggle, Officer Don Young’s wife and thousands of Americans understand the pain of such deaths by illegals.

The INS freed illegal alien Malvo who promptly killed 17 Americans. Did Cheney’s daughter suffer death by Malvo or Bush’s two daughters or any of Condi Rice’s relatives? Not a chance. We become collateral damage by our elected officials ignoring their oath of office. After 9/11, any sane, sensible and vigilant president would have blanketed our borders with Mexico with troops and set up major efforts on the Canadian border.

What has Bush done for six years after 9/11? He’s openly encouraged millions of illegal aliens to cross our borders. For this, we American citizens reap the whirlwind of diseases, crime, destroyed schools, overrun hospitals and deaths.

Additionally, we’ve got a $700 billion annual trade deficit. Wal-Mart buys 90 percent of its goods from China and other Third World countries as it seals the fate of America’s working class—NO MANUFACTURING JOBS LEFT FOR OUR CITIZENS. Thus, we slide into Third World Momentum. What is that term?

A citizen from China earns an average of 22 cents an hour. Why? Because an endless supply of them numbering 1.3 billion guarantees a slave working class! What does that mean for you? As Bush adds millions of immigrants into America, take a guess!

In the cultural realm of a First World Country, do we need rituals where a baby girl has her sexual being cut out of her in the form of 'clitorectomy'? Can we afford everyone wearing a mask for driver’s license pictures? Can we afford losing our English language and become the Tower of Babel? Do we condone, by being politically correct, 'cock fighting' and ‘horse tripping’ brought to us by Third World cultures? What about the new strain of tuberculosis spreading across America because illegal immigrants work in fast food and hotels? It's called MDR TB (multiple drug resistant) and has no cure. According to a report in the M.J. News titled: ‘THE PATIENT PREDATOR: TUBERCULOSIS’ by Kevin Patterson, 16,000 cases of this strain of tuberculosis migrated from Mexico in the past four years. Illegal immigrants’ children number over one million in our public schools. If your children contract it at school, will they survive? Two million TB deaths worldwide annually don’t bode well.

California citizens die in emergency rooms because hospitals are overrun with immigrants who can't pay. Because of no family planning in their countries of origin, this endless line of immigrants is pushing us toward 200 million added people vying for diminishing resources past the mid century.

Do you think Bush and Congress (Repulicans and Democrats alike) address this impending national population nightmare? Hardly! They jumped legal immigration from 1.1 million annually that gave us 106 million added people in the past 40 years to 2.0 million in Senate Bill 2611 that will give us another 100 million in three decades. Bush twists every House reps arm to pass that bill in the next session.

Fellow Americans, I’m going to research and write a series of columns in September that deal with the consequences of adding 100 million people to the United States by 2040, a mere 34 years from now. USA TODAY brought decisive evidence in a front page story on our current 300 million by October and our impending added 100 million in 34 years.

I’ve already seen those numbers manifested in my world travels. I’m going to show you what’s coming. Whose country is this, anyway? It won’t be yours or your kids for much longer if you fail to act.

Source: NY Times, Sharon Lerner, 2/20/03, 'LEPROSY ON THE RISE IN THE US';
Mother Jones News, 04 March Issue, pages 72--79.

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Frosty Wooldridge, teacher, author and journalist bicycled 100,000 miles across six continents and six times across the United States to witness environmental impact on humanity around the planet.