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    Ft. Bliss Military Personnel Banned From Crossing Border

    Ft. Bliss Military Personnel Banned From Crossing Border
    Angeeneh Adamain- KFOX News Reporter

    POSTED: 7:41 pm MST January 26, 2008
    UPDATED: 9:47 pm MST January 26, 2008

    FORT BLISS, Texas -- Tension across the border is keeping thousands of El Paso military personal from visiting Juarez, Mexico. Saturday morning, Fort Bliss announced the temporary change in policy.

    Antonio Taylor was getting his hair cut not too far from base when he got the news.

    "As a soldier, if they say I can't go across there, I can't go. Regardless if I feel it is right or not. If I can't go, I can't go," Taylor said.

    Recent violence from Mexican drug cartels prompted Ft. Bliss officials to designate Juarez as off limits to all military. In a statement to KFOX Jean Offut, a spokeswoman, says, "The decision was based on unacceptable risk of health, safety, welfare, and morale of military personnel."

    This statement comes on the heels of the latest threat of violent attacks.

    Saturday, hitmen defaced a police memorial in Mexico by adding the names of 12 law enforcement officials on their hit list to the wall.

    More than 30 homicides happened in Juarez since the beginning of this month.

    The situation is so bad, Mexican federal agents have been sent to Chihuahua to patrol the streets.

    Back at the barber shop, Taylor said it doesn't matter who you are, these days border crossing isn't safe.

    "I heard it is dangerous for anyone to cross over if you are a soldier, a male or female or whatever. It is just dangerous," he said.

    Ft. Bliss is expected to reassess the situation in the next couple of weeks.
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    military personel got no business over there

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