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    GA: Big farm favors foreign workers

    And denigrates American workers. Guess they prefer the slave labor to which they have become accustomed.

    [quote]A large South Georgia vegetable farm has been favoring foreign guest laborers over U.S. workers, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has found.

    In a decision released last month, the EEOC said Hamilton Growers/Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetable Inc. engaged in a “pattern or practice of regularly denying work hours and assigning less favorableâ€

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    Make them

    Make them use inmate Labor. Its the best damn thing in the world for everybody. So many great reasons.

    The inmates get out of their cells, which makes them happy as can be.

    They get away from that prison culture that only hardens their heart and makes them even worse than when they entered.

    Substitutes the need for illegal aliens (big plus)

    Teaches them biology, ecology, and agricultural knowledge and skills as they could be the farmers of tomorrow.

    Makes the state money rather than costing money to incercerate (farmers would pay sub wages to the state) Pay the inmates with a really nice steak dinner and a pack of smokes for god's sake.

    Breaks up their ability to be violent by dispersing them in fields rather than concentrating them (see 2)

    Pays a debt to society.

    Prison inmate labor should be the wave of the future.....

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