George W. Bush Set To Back Immigration Reform

July 5, 2013 by Ben Bullard

As the House of Representatives prepares an alternative to the omnibus immigration reform billed that cleared the Senate last week, former President George W. Bush will push next week in favor of immigration reform in a speech and panel discussion to be held at his new Presidential library in Dallas.
The event, which will feature 20 (legal) immigrants receiving a grant of citizenship at a naturalization ceremony, will center on the ongoing immigration debate in the U.S., with a panel discussion called “What Immigrants Contribute” to follow Bush’s remarks.
From the Dallas Morning News:
It’s unclear whether the ex-president will stick to generalities during his remarks at the citizenship ceremony, or elevate the conversation with details about the super-sized immigration bill now being debated in Congress.
The George. W. Bush Institute has thrown some weight behind measures to overhaul immigration policies and linked it to its “4% Growth Project,” which proposes such growth would create 10 million additional jobs during the next decade with no rise in government spending. The event will include panels discussing immigration and economic growth, why naturalization matters and “how immigrants serve America.”
Bush attempted – and failed – to coax an immigration bill out of Congress during his second term, after spending most of his first term placing a planned immigration reform effort on the backburner following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.