Germany in deal to send home Tunisians not needing asylum

Published March 01, 2016 Associated Press

TUNIS, Tunisia – Germany has concluded a deal with Tunisia to repatriate Tunisians whose asylum bids have failed as part of a plan to reduce the large influx of migrants to the country.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said during a visit to Tunis that the two countries have agreed to send home 20 Tunisians in a "pilot project" and that charter flights would return others later. He didn't say how many Tunisians would ultimately be concerned.

The move follows a decision by the German government last month to declare Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria "safe countries of origin," a label aimed at dissuading their citizens from traveling to Germany.

Most North Africans in Germany have come from Morocco. In January, Morocco's king and the German chancellor agreed to such transfers.