GOP Lawmakers Warned Mayorkas About Crime Risk from Venezuelan Gangs – But Were Completely Ignored (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Mar. 16, 2024 10:40 am

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) joined Rachel Campos-Duffy on FOX and Friends this morning to discuss the illegal alien crime wave facing the nation today as a result of Joe Biden’s open border policies.

During their conversation Rep. Nehls told the FOX News audience that GOP lawmakers warned Mayorkas about the crime risk after allowing thousands of Venezuelan gang members into the country.

Nehls said he never heard back from Mayorkas. The regime is not concerned about the illegal alien gang members.

Mayorkas was impeached by the US House in February. Mayorkas and Biden have led the greatest mass invasion into America in history – by far. Over 10 million illegal aliens have crossed the open border into America since Joe Biden came into office.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Why do you think Secretary Mayorcas refused to tell you or respond to your letter?

Rep. Troy Nehls: Rachel, thank you for having me. Of course, the Border Patrol they wanted to warn the American people about their report that said that Venezuela was going to send a lot of very, very bad, dangerous people to the southern border.

And I sent the letter in September of 2022 to Mayorkas and asked him ten questions. I said, hey, listen, Border Patrol has this report out there. Tell us what your plan is. Confirm or deny the report. We heard nothing, nothing from this administration. And sadly, around the same time, I sent that letter to Mayorkas with my concerns regarding the individuals coming up through Venezuela. That’s around the same time that Ibarra fella, that murderer, that thug, came through the southern border into the great state of Texas and then ended up, obviously, taking Riley’s life a month or so ago. So it’s just sad. We have no way to know who these individuals are. There’s no system in place, right?

And these gangs are so violent. They were running those prisons. And again, there’s no way that our government, our intel agencies, who seem to know everything about all of us, especially if you’re a conservative, don’t know that Nicolas Maduro was emptying these prisons. And they know the havoc that these gang members were doing all over Latin America and they were coming up here. What can you do now? I mean, you’re a member of Congress. You sent this letter. There have been tragic deaths.

Now that you can say, hey, this is why this is happening. What can happen from this point forward?

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