GOP Rep. Green: Governors Have Got to Push Back Against Biden Immigration Policy

by JEFF POOR 20 Jul 2021

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) called on governors to push back against the Biden administration’s immigration policies, which are having a direct impact on their states.

“I mean, it’s — it’s crazy what’s going on at the southern border,” he said. “You know, it’s really about power for the Democrat Party. I mean, they are opening our southern border, and folks are pouring through because they know what happens when they get here. They’ll have children. Those children will become United States citizens. And those citizens will vote Democrat. That’s the only reason that the Democrats are putting up with this basic open border.”

“They know the fentanyl that’s coming across our southern border is killing Americans,” Green continued. “They know that the women and young girls making the trek through Latin America, Central America are being raped. Nonpartisan organizations have said so. But they don’t care because they know it empowers them. And that’s what they’re all about is empowering themselves.”

He credited his own governor, Gov. Bill Lee (R-TN), for a strongly worded warning about refugees.

“I mean, the governors are pushing back,” Green said. “My governor in Tennessee told the Biden administration don’t bring the refugees here.

There’s reports that they’re using Air Force aircraft now to fly refugees, the illegal aliens all over the country. And so the governors have got to push back. I actually have a bill that we filed that would allow the governors a say in this. They would actually get to approve whether or not the federal government turns every state in the nation into a border state. But yes, he absolutely should have a say. His state should have a say.”