GOP Rep. McCaul: Mayorkas ‘Should Give an Apology to the American People’

by TRENT BAKER 29 Apr 2022

During a Friday interview with Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) called on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to apologize for the ongoing border crisis and the deaths caused by the incoming drugs.

McCaul said he had not seen the border “this bad” and described the Biden administration’s policy move to lift Title 42 as “absolute insanity.”

“We are debating a $10 billion COVID relief package in Congress right now. The idea that we are going to lift Title 42 and let all these people in, we don’t know anything about them,” McCaul stated. “Some are on the terrorist watch list. The secretary couldn’t even tell us where those people are. And many of them could be infected with COVID. What kind of COVID relief package is this? Harris, this is insanity. Absolute insanity. And I have worked on the border as a federal prosecutor since 9/11 as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and now my position on Foreign Affairs. I have never seen it this bad.”

He added, “I have a Texas National Guardsman dead rescuing two narco-traffickers, for God’s sake, and [Mayorkas] is complicit.” he added. “And this administration is complicit with that, and also the fentanyl that is coming in that can kill the entire American population seven times over. Enough is enough.”

Host Harris Faulkner pointed out that Mayorkas demanded an apology from Republican leadership at his hearing on the border crisis.

“I think he should give an apology to the family of Bishop Evans, who died at the border,” Mayorkas replied, later adding, “He doesn’t deserve an apology. He should give an apology to the American people.”

GOP Rep. McCaul: Mayorkas 'Should Give an Apology to the American People' (