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Thread: GOP Sen. Roberts Promises Support for Kris Kobach at DHS

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    GOP Sen. Roberts Promises Support for Kris Kobach at DHS

    April 9, 2019
    Neil Munro

    The senior GOP Senator in Kansas has announced he will back Kris Kobach if President Donald Trump nominates the Ivy League lawyer to run the Department of Homeland Security.

    Sen. Pat Roberts’ conditional endorsement is important because it defangs back-room opposition to a Kobach nomination by the establishment wing of the Kansas GOP. Roberts’ statement may also mute potential opposition from the establishment GOP Senators in Washington, D.C., who do not like Kobach’s long-standing support for Trump’s pro-American agenda.

    “I have Kris Kobach in the past and I have supported every one of Trump’s nominees … ultimately this will be the President’s decision,” Roberts said a tweeted statement.

    The muting of home state opposition to Kobach is important, partly because Roberts is retiring in 2020 and the Democrats are expected to make an aggressive and well-funded run for the Senate seat. Roberts’ conditional endorsement of Kobach will help sooth the sharp divides between the state party’s establishment and populist camps before the 2020 elections.

    Senator Pat Roberts


    10:40 AM - 9 Apr 2019

    The statement in support of Kobach came quickly after the Kansas City Star reported that Roberts had urged opposition to a Kobach nomination. The newspaper reported April 9:

    One of the GOP senators from Kris Kobach’s home state said Tuesday that the Senate would not be able to confirm the Kansas Republican if President Donald Trump taps him for a cabinet post.

    “Don’t go there. We can’t confirm him,” Roberts whispered to The Kansas City Star when asked about Kobach Tuesday on his way into a Senate vote.

    “I never said that to you,” Roberts added, despite the fact that another reporter was present and The Star had not agreed to an off record conversation.

    Via tweet, Roberts subsequently explained his comment as a warning of determined opposition from Democrats. “The make-up of the Senate is extremely difficult for any nominee to be confirmed and it is only going to get worse. This body has six Democrats currently running for President who wish to obstruct the President’s agenda at all costs.”

    Pro-migration Democrats are expected to strongly oppose Kobach precisely because he combines a commitment to Trump’s pro-American agenda, the competence to run the huge DHS bureaucracy, and the Ivy League credentials to sway public opinion.

    SiriusXM Patriot


    Fmr. Kansas Secretary of State @KrisKobach1787 describes just how bad the #BorderCrisis really is on @BreitbartNews Daily on @SiriusXMPatriot 125.
    (audio at source link)
    7:57 AM - 8 Apr 2019

    Kobach graduated at the top of his class at Harvard University in 1988, then went on to earn his doctorate in political science at the University of Oxford in 1992. Kobach attended Yale University, where he earned his law degree in 1995 before joining former Attorney General John Ashcroft in the Justice Department in 2001.

    While at the Justice Department, Kobach was the architect for the National Security Entry/Exit Registration System (NSEERS), which has allowed officials to track the arrival and departure of foreign visitors who may be national security threats.

    After his tenure at the Justice Department, Kobach continued teaching immigration law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School.

    Kobach lives in Kansas with his family of five daughters and wife, Heather.

    John Binder 👽

    Mitch McConnell Faces Headache in Kansas Senate Primary if Kris Kobach Not Selected DHS Secretary
    9:52 AM - 8 Apr 2019
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    William Gheen: Why Trump Needs to End Catch Release Directive - Focus Today Show

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    Trump has betrayed Angel Moms with his "catch and release". Catch and deport...Operation Return to Sender!

    We do not want more heads on beds in detention centers. We want butts on buses! Deport the whole family together.

    Trump has promised not to "warehouse" millions of illegal aliens on our borders or in the interior. Deport them and their UAC's within 48 hours. We owe them nothing and we do not want to pay the billions of dollars this costs taxpayers! No more building detention centers, get them OUT quickly and quietly and shut your mouth about it!

    Trump has promised to put refugees in "Safe Zone" on their soil. Start loading them up and send them back and stop bringing more here! They cannot stay here forever...MORE backdoor amnesty! They need to go solve their own countries problems...we are not the dumping ground for the world or the solution to their problems!

    Trump threatens to do an Executive Order to end Birthright Citizenship! Do it today...sign it...and get it to the Supreme Court! They are not U.S. citizens and their countries laws state if they give birth on foreign soil...then that child IS a citizen of their country. Deport them and their minors. No benefits awarded to the illegal parents!

    Out of the millions caught, millions more are not caught, and how MANY are pregnant??? Fast track them back home. We are not their baby daddy! If they show up at our medical facilities … call ICE and have them deported! We do not want to foot the bill for this.

    Trump administration has EXTENDED TPS for thousands of foreigners who need to go home now! They cannot stay here. More backdoor "amnesty" for foreign citizens who are Public Charge!

    Trump promised to ENFORCE Public Charge it now! Get a team together and start terminating OUR benefits! We do not want to pay their bills! No welfare, food stamps, school, social security, medical care, disability, housing!!! They cannot collect any benefits on behalf of anybody!

    What about the diseases!!! The medical care, pregnancies, many are sick, need surgery, have TB, diabetes, kidney dialysis, heart problems, broken bones, mental issues, their elderly! We do not want to pay for this!!! Get the out quickly back to their President to pay for! Where is the CDC! Shut the border down!

    What has Trump done about the IRS tax refunds to the illegal parents? Has Trump stopped this and the child care tax credit scam! Go after them and deport them and their minors! How many billions in IRS FRAUD is committed against our country?

    NO school...they have NO student visa to attend our schools! Get them out. And the minors need to be deported with their parents. No more two sets of rules for those who come legally and those who do not!

    WHERE IS A.G. BARR? Put the Mueller report on the back burner! There is no law you have to release anything within 48 hours! Stop wasting every damn day on this circus show! Get on the border issues and the States who are violating our Federal Visa and Immigration Laws!

    Get A.G. BARR to prosecute the Governor's, Mayor's and Judges who are harboring, aiding and abetting illegal aliens and letting the walk free to murder and rape us, giving them jobs in our government offices!!! Start issuing the paperwork to Jerry Brown, Newsome...all of them!!!





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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer View Post

    WHERE IS A.G. BARR? Put the Mueller report on the back burner! There is no law you have to release anything within 48 hours! Stop wasting every damn day on this circus show! Get on the border issues and the States who are violating our Federal Visa and Immigration Laws!

    and where is The Freedom Caucus? I'll ask again, has anyone seen them holding a Press Conference about the invasion of our country?

    Watch Live: Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows Hold Briefing on Michael Cohen

    House Oversight Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH), Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC), Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Republican Oversight Committee members will hold a press conference Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern to discuss next steps relating to Michael Cohen.

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