Great Replacement Update / Big Apple Edition: Half of 100K In NYC Shelters Are Illegals. Cost: $8 million Daily

A.W. Morgan

Schadenfreude is one of those things the good Christian tries to avoid, but alas, sometimes one just can’t help it.

Sanctuary New York City is spending $8 million a day to feed and house Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement Invasion Force.

Some data from the New York Post [NYC’s migrant shelter population surges to nearly 100K, costing taxpayers $8M a day, by Khristina Narizhnaya, Bernadette Hogan, Jesse O’Neill and Emily Crane, New York Post, June 23, 2023]:

The problem isn’t that the city can’t handle the “migrants”—Treason Lobby code for Great Replacement illegal aliens. Problem is, the Biden Regime has purposely aided and abetted an invasion to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation and sanctuary cities must pick up the tab.

The only solution to New York’s “migrant” problem is to stop the invasion, not spend more tax money feeding and housing—and jailing, educating, and hospitalizing—a ceaseless flow of penniless vagrants.

Adams and his fellow traveling sanctuary mayors surely know that. But they can’t say it without risking the Treason Lobby’s wrath.

That said, Red State governors must stop sending illegals to sanctuaries and instead deport them.

Only when border states seize control of immigration will they force Biden to stop the invasion or provoke the constitutional crisis needed to save the Historic American Nation.

For now, though, at least we can laugh at the leftists who suffer under the consequences of their stupid, suicidal policies.

Maybe the Great Replacement isn’t such a great idea after all.