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Thread: Group of 18 States Join Trump in Lawsuit Against California Sanctuary Laws

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    Group of 18 States Join Trump in Lawsuit Against California Sanctuary Laws

    Group of 18 states join Trump in lawsuit against California sanctuary laws

    March 27, 2018

    A group of 18 Republican-led states filed a “friend of the court” notice in a California federal court on Monday, announcing they are backing the Trump administration in its lawsuit against California over that state’s sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

    The states are supporting a lawsuit filed by the Justice Departmentearlier this month. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was taking action against California when he was speaking at a California Peace Officers’ Association’s Legislative Day event on March 7.

    States joining the effort Monday are Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, Mississippi and Maine.

    In the original lawsuit by the DOJ, legal action was filed against the State of California, Governor of California Jerry Brown, and Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra, for intentionally obstructing and discriminating against the enforcement of federal immigration law.

    “California is using every power it has—and some it doesn’t—to frustrate federal law enforcement. So you can be sure I’m going to use every power I have to stop them,” Sessions warned when he first announced the lawsuit.

    The Washington Examiner reported excerpts from the filing by the 18 states:

    “Sanctuary laws and policies can cause harm to neighboring states by making it easier for people who are now lawfully in this country and have committed civil or criminal offenses to evade law enforcement and travel out-of-state,” the states wrote in the brief. “The states thus have an interest in the federal government’s ability to enforce federal immigration law.”

    The Republican-led states said in their filing that California joined an amicus brief in the 2012 case asserting that “Congress has carefully regulated not only who may be removed from the United States, but how such individuals should be identified, apprehended, and detained.”

    Since then, though, the attorneys general believe the state of California has “changed its tune” under a new presidential administration.

    “California may disagree with federal immigration policy—just as Arizona disagreed with federal immigration policy in Arizona v. United States,” the states wrote. “But if various Arizona laws designed to enforce federal immigration law were preempted in Arizona (as the Supreme Court held), then California’s law designed to interfere with or block federal immigration enforcement are equally preempted.”

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    Good! Because these illegal aliens are spilling over into neighboring states bringing their crime, theft, rape, DUI's and destruction with them!


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