Group of 300 Migrants in South Texas Yields at Least One Positive COVID Test

by BOB PRICE 20 Jul 2021

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of nearly 300 migrants who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas over the weekend. Officials say this represents the largest single-group apprehension so far this fiscal year. During a medical screening in the field, one of the migrants exhibited symptoms of COVID-19. The agents arranged transportation to an area hospital where the migrant tested positive for the virus.

Agents assigned to the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station encountered three large groups of migrants who illegally entered the United States. The three migrant groups totaled more than 730, according to information obtained from Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol officials.

Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings

#USBP Agents encounter the largest group this fiscal year. 298 migrants in a single group illegally entered through La Grulla, Texas. 15K+ migrants were apprehended in the RGV in one week.

9:04 PM · Jul 19, 2021

Rio Grande City Station Agents patrolling Friday morning near La Grulla, Texas, encountered a large group of migrants who had just made landfall in the U.S., officials reported. The group of 235 consisted of 187 family units, 27 unaccompanied minors, and 21 single adults. An immigration interview identified the migrants as citizens of El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

The following morning, agents in the same region encountered the largest single group of migrants so far this fiscal year. The agents spotted a group of 298 migrants walking north on a ranch road after they illegally entered the U.S, the report continues. Agents said the group contained 60 unaccompanied minors.

On Sunday, Rio Grande City agents encountered yet another large group of migrants. This group of 2o3 migrants consisted of 158 family units, 29 unaccompanied minors, and 16 single adults. Officials said 127 of the migrants came to the U.S. from Honduras. They did not disclose the nationality of the remaining migrants.

All 736 migrants were processed under Rio Grande Valley Sector guidelines.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Brian Hastings reported that his agents apprehended more than 15,000 migrants in just one week. So far this fiscal year, these agents have apprehended more than 330,000 migrants.