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    Group demanding transplants for illegals

    Group demanding transplants for illegal immigrants from Chicago hospital

    A group demanding access to organ transplants for illegal immigrants is protesting outside a Chicago hospital, saying they won’t leave until the facility’s CEO agrees to a meeting.
    The protests at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital entered their seventh day Monday. On Sunday, 40 picketers were out in front of the hospital, while 14 were on a hunger strike, Fox 32 News reports.
    "We're asking for help," said Blanca Gomez, a 23-year-old in need of a kidney transplant. "I go to dialysis three times a week. I'm not going off the hunger strike until I get on the transplant list."
    The group claims 14 illegal Mexican immigrants who live in Chicago need a liver or kidney transplant, but can’t afford them because they are denied health care.
    Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers live donor liver transplants, but a spokesman on Sunday declined to comment about their transplant policies, Fox 32 News reports.
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    I will be a changing my donor card.....
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    "A group demanding".........."We're asking for help,". Asking and demanding are two different things. There are Americans whom have been waiting for transplants and haven't went on hunger strikes or picketed in front of Hospitals. Another example of the entitlement culture of Illegal Aliens.
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    ] 08/20/2013 - 04:57 pm EST
    Entitlement Syndrome On Steroids

    Written by Mockarena

    Chicks on the Right


    All I can do when I read this kind of crap is just shake my head, and wonder WHERE IN THE WORLD people develop this kind of unbelievable entitlement mentality. It's just beyond comprehension, really.

    According to that link, a bunch of illegal immigrants gathered outside Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago a couple weeks ago to demand, get this, FREE ORGAN TRANSPLANTS for themselves and others who came to the US illegally. Some of them are even on hunger strikes.

    Apparently, the hospital has dared to have a policy which only provides organ transplants to immigrants who have a green card, not those who broke the law to come here.

    Blanca Gomez, one of the illegals (YEAH, I SAID ILLEGALS!) who needs a kidney transplant said, "We’re asking for help. I go to dialysis three times a week. I’m not going off the hunger strike until I get on the transplant list.

    Am I supposed to actually feel sorry for this chick, whose dialysis taxpayers probably already help pay for? Because I don't. She sounds like an ungrateful, spoiled, entitled jerk.

    All of the protesters are from Mexico and they are all undocumented. All of them need liver or kidney transplants. And they expect you to pay for them, because SCREW YOU, that's why. They need them, and that's that. They held up signs which read, "We need our transplants! We are also human!"

    And that's all they really consider. It's the same with liberals - like the one who wrote on our facebook wall the other day that everyone as the right to "basic" healthcare, housing, food, etc. When pressed about what "basic" means, and who gets to define it, she couldn't answer that, except to say that she was sure we could all come to some sort of agreement about that. Mmm hmmm.

    Northwestern officials released a statement that said:

    “Our multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and social workers review a host of determining factors that might forecast an individual’s chances for a successful surgery as well as their means for long-term stability with a transplanted organ.”
    The statement continued:
    “Our processes follow policies compliant with federal regulations. … We believe such careful and meticulous standards ensure fair and equitable evaluation of everyone seeking transplant and allow us to ensure the greatest opportunities for viability of patients with donated organs.”
    According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, uninsured people account for fifth of the organs donated in this country, while only one percent of the people who receive organ transplants are uninsured.

    One of the protesters said, "If you’re not a citizen, you could still donate. But when it comes to people who don’t have documents, they don’t want to help them. It’s sad.”

    What's sad is that these people EXPECT the most costly and complicated medical treatments, and they expect them to be provided by a country which they've essentially invaded.

    I'm generally a pretty sympathetic person, but these folks make it mighty hard to feel sorry for them.

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