Half Million Illegals 'Caught and Released'
Thursday, July 14, 2005
One out of every eight illegal aliens caught in the U.S. is from a country other than Mexico – including nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

But due to America's "catch and release" policy regarding non-Mexican nationals, the vast majority of those "other than Mexicans" (OTMs) caught crossing our borders illegally go free – and the whereabouts of tens of thousands of them are unknown.
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As the Washington Times has reported, Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar said federal agents in Texas have seen a threefold increase in the number of OTMs apprehended this year.
Nationwide, the U.S. Border Patrol had detained 98,000 OTMs by early June. But about 70 percent of them were released immediately due to the lack of detention facilities.

"Of the estimated 465,000 fugitive absconders currently living in the United States, 71,000 are though to be ‘other than Mexican' – among whom terrorists lurk," the Times reports.

What's more, it takes 89 days to order the deportation of an OTM, and "it's anyone's guess what these illegals do during the 89 days," says the Times in an editorial. "No doubt some of them are plotting ill against the United States."

At the federal immigration court in Harlingen, Tex., 98 percent of the defendants never show up.

Each morning, Federal Immigration Judge William Peterson presides over an empty courtroom and orders the deportation of people who aren't there.

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) are expected to introduce new fugitive absconder legislation later this year. "The bill provides an excellent opportunity to begin solving the country's border woes," the Times opines.

"If it can end Kafkaesque scenes like Judge Peterson's court without defendants, it will be a major success."

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