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    Health Care Debate Revives Immigration Battle

    Health Care Debate Revives Immigration Battle

    The Obama administration took an overhaul of the country’s immigration laws off its legislative agenda this year, but the prickly issue of public benefits for illegal immigrants has resurfaced in the health care debate.
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    Senator Charles E. Grassley, a Republican, at a town-hall-style meeting in Iowa recently, argues that the House bill is “so poorly cobbled together

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    Hands off OUR health care!

    The American people have been burnt one to many times from the Obama regime's legislative criminal actions. We don't trust him and/or his real agenda.
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    Maybe you should start doing what you promised to do 23 years ago....deport all illegal aliens from the United States. Not doing so is called "Open Borders"!!!!!!
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    The Dems

    ALREADY voted to keep it as open to anyone as possible...They will just need a number from

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