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Thread: Heineman: Bill would give 'illegals' bigger break than middle-class taxpayers

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    Heineman: Bill would give 'illegals' bigger break than middle-class taxpayers

    Published Tuesday April 10, 2012

    Gov. Dave Heineman

    By Paul Hammel

    LINCOLN — Gov. Dave Heineman said Tuesday that "illegals" will get a bigger financial break from the Nebraska Legislature this year than middle-class taxpayers, if a bill is passed to restore prenatal care for women in the country illegally.

    Heineman made the comment after signing into law four tax-break bills, including one that makes modest reductions in state income taxes for low- and middle-income families.

    Legislative Bill 970, as amended by the Legislature, will provide a $67 a year for a married couple with $50,000 in adjusted gross income. It would be a $145 tax reduction for a couple with an income of $100,000 or higher.

    But Heineman compared that amount with what illegal immigrants would get if state senators, as expected, give final approval for LB 599, the prenatal bill. The average cost of prenatal care has been estimated at up to $2,000 per mother.

    "We're giving $50 in tax relief for middle-class families this morning, and we're giving $2,000 for illegals. That seems out of balance," he said.

    The prenatal bill has been supported by state senators as a way to give a healthy start to babies who will become American citizens automatically upon birth and thus qualify for taxpayer-funded health care. They say taxpayers will save money even if only one or two cases of birth defects or delivery complications are avoided.

    Studies estimate that for every $1 invested in prenatal care, a minimum of $1.70 to $3.38 is saved in later costs.

    Besides the tax-break bill, Heineman signed into law three other pieces of legislation:

    — LB 830 will exempt "biochips" from sales taxes, which is an effort to help a Lincoln company, GeneSeek, remain in Nebraska.

    — LB 872 modernizes state corporate income tax laws, changing how income derived from sales of services and intangible property in other states is taxed. Nelnet and TD Ameritrade will be among the expected beneficiaries of the change.

    — LB 1080 provides a tax exemption for parts shipped into the state for assembly and shipment to other facilities. Yahoo sought the exemption and plans to move a server assembly operation to its LaVista facility.

    Heineman: Bill would give 'illegals' bigger break than middle-class taxpayers -
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    ADDED TO ALIPAC HOMEPAGE News with amended title ..
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    I heard him on the radio this morning saying that he will veto the bill.........

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    There is time to take action before 1:30pm CST today. All contact information and sample letters are on the homepage of

    The final vote will take place today, Gov. Heineman promised to Veto it, then next wednesday the legislature will vote to override his veto.

    Thanks Alipac and every citizen and legal immigrant who has tried to keep Nebraska from becoming a Sanctuary State.

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    An article debating if prenatal care is a magnet.

    Prenatal care a 'magnet' for illegal immigrants? Prenatal care a 'magnet' for illegal immigrants? -

    Paul Hammel, the reporter included Nebraskans Advisory Group's comments and we appreciate it.

    Both of the articles posted on this thread allow comments at the end of the article. If you have time to post a comment to it, we'd appreciate it.

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    Heineman: Bill would give 'illegals' bigger break than middle-class taxpayers

    Don't they have an ounce of common sense? Illegals shouldn't be getting anything but a one way ticket back home to their own country!

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