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Thread: Hillary slipping on immigration, Trump gaining post-debate (ALIPAC)

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    Hillary slipping on immigration, Trump gaining post-debate (ALIPAC)

    Friday, October 14, 2016 | Chad Groening

    While one immigration reform activist believes that the damaging emails released by Wikileaks could sink Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign if they could somehow get disseminated to the American voters, the head of a conservative think-take is confident that her rival Donald Trump’s strong showing in the second presidential debate will continue to sway voters in his direction.

    The recent Wikileaks release of Clinton’s emails is the October surprise the mainstream media is reportedly trying to ignore. Instead, however, Trump's lewd language and alleged sexual misconduct from more than a decade ago are the big news covered by the media.

    The Clinton emails were apparently obtained by someone who hacked Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta's email account. One of the most revealing messages was a 2013 entry in which Clinton said that her "dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders."

    William Gheen, who serves as the president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), maintains that if the mainstream media was fair, that information could be enough to finish off her campaign.

    "Hillary Clinton wants amnesty for illegals,” Gheen points out. “She wants permanently open borders for the United States. She wants the United States under global control. There are all these poison pills that will completely destroy her presidency and the Democrats on a nationwide level – if the information actually reaches target audiences."

    Gheen insists ALIPAC will do its part to expose the truth about the true agenda behind the Clinton campaign.

    "We're going to put together some online emails and flyers and materials, and we're going to ask our people to focus on getting these Wikileaks messages to the right people by Election Day – including having people with signs and handouts at polls and precincts across the country," Gheen informed

    Trump on a roll

    In addition to the Clinton campaign sinking itself with the latest leak on the former first lady’s true immigration stance, the head of a conservative think-tank hopes that the electoral momentum will swing away from Clinton in the wake of Trump's slam-dunk victory in the second presidential debate on Sunday.

    Republicans hope that Trump's much-improved performance in Sunday night's town-hall-style presidential debate will put a halt to the electoral momentum Clinton had generated since the first debate.

    Pennsylvania has returned to Clinton's column on the Real Clear Politics electoral map – as has Michigan, Colorado and New Hampshire, which had all been tossups. However, Minnesota and Maine – both traditional blue states – remain in the tossup column.

    Jeff Hunt, who serves as executive director of the Centennial Institute, which is housed at Colorado Christian University, explains how public sentiment can be topsy-turvy and shift in Trump’s favor at any moment.

    "You know, campaigns go up and down,” Hunt pointed out. “You remember Mitt Romney won that first debate back in 2012, and there's a lot of momentum coming out, but after a few weeks, things can flip back the other direction. But if [Trump] can really lay into this idea that [Hillary’s] been a part of the problem for the last 30-years, [he can really flip things around."

    Hunt also contends that Trump has tapped into what he calls “the forgotten man.”

    "For many in the middle class, especially in that what you would call “The Rust Belt” – Ohio, Pennsylvania [and] Michigan – the American dream hasn't come true for them, and Donald Trump is seen as a fighter for those folks, and that's why he won the primaries,” Hunt asserts. “And that's why he's appealing so well and putting a lot of these states that Republicans haven't done well in previously into play."
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    Thanks Jean!

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    Thanks Jean!

    You are welcome W. Thank you.
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