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    15 Oct 2015

    Hispanic advocacy organization National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has slammed NBC for inviting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

    Trump is set to host the NBC late night variety show’s November 7 episode, with Australian pop star Sia set as the evening’s musical guest. But NCLR lashed out at the network on Thursday, calling Trump’s hosting gig a “slap in the face” to Latino viewers, according to NBC News.

    “This is not about lacking a sense of humor. Everyone knows that SNL is not just a comedy show,” NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía said. “For the last 40 years, it has become a highly coveted platform for candidates from political parties who are looking to reach and connect with the American public.”

    “It is appalling, then, [for] a show with that history and that role to showcase a man whose campaign has been built on bigotry and demagoguery for the sake of buzz and ratings,” she added.

    NBC had cut ties with Trump in June, when the billionaire businessman used his presidential announcement speech to make stopping illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign. Donald Trump has since appeared on several NBC shows, including Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and Meet the Press.

    Trump previously hosted Saturday Night Live in 2004.

    NCLR is not the only organization criticizing NBC’s invitation to Donald Trump; according to NBC News, Felix Sanchez of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts also condemned the choice.

    “You’re letting someone call Mexicans rapists and murderers and the welcome mat gets put out,” Sanchez told NBC.

    Another group may also have a problem with Trump’s hosting gig, although for an entirely different reason altogether; according to CNN, Donald Trump’s appearance on SNL could trigger the FCC’s “equal time” rule for the other presidential contenders. The federal rule mandates that all presidential candidates receive equal air time on networks.
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    La Raza accuses NBC of giving Trump a 'platform of hate' for SNL invite

    October 14, 2015
    Rick Moran

    Hispanic hate group La Raza ("The Race") is accusing NBC of ignoring their concerns and giving a "slap in the face" to Hispanic viewers for inviting Donald Trump to guest host "Saturday Night Live."

    NBC broke off its relationship with Trump last summer after the candidate blasted U.S. immigration policies and accused Mexico of sending violent criminals into the U.S.

    Washington Times:

    The National Council of La Raza accused NBC and its iconic show “Saturday Night Live” of becoming a platform of “hate” for inviting Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to host the program on Nov. 7.

    Janet Murgia, president of the NCLR, said she expected better out of a network that over the summer severed ties with Mr. Trump after he announced his campaign with a vow to get tough on illegal immigrants, and accused Mexico of sending rapists and other bad elements to the U.S.

    This is a slap in the face to the millions of Hispanic viewers who watch SNL, NBC, and the rest of the NBC/Universal family. We urge that SNL and NBC re-consider this ill-advised decision,” Ms. Murguia said in a statement.

    She said the program has only had one Hispanic cast member in its history, and never had a female Hispanic, yet all the while “engaged in Latina stereotyping over the years, and has brushed aside our community’s concerns when we have pointed that out.”

    NBC is not exactly reversing its policy regarding Trump. They cut business ties with the tycoon, who co-owned his show The Apprentice and the Miss Universe Pageant, but that hasn't prevented the network from inviting him to appear on Meet the Press or other shows.

    La Raza criticizing Trump for bigotry is giggle-worthy. They have been referred to by some as the "Hispanic KKK" – a virulently anti-white, anti-American organization that believes in reclaiming the entire southwestern U.S. as well as California for Mexico ("Aztlán"). They are strong supporters of open borders and thought that the president's immigration policies are far too weak.

    The people at NBC want it both ways. They want to appear to be tough on Trump to appease Hispanics while taking advantage of his drawing power to boost the ratings of one of their iconic shows. That's pretty cynical – even for a major TV network.

    Meanwhile, The Donald takes it all in stride and is looking forward to his SNL appearance on November 7.
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    That's so funny! NCLR's doesn't get it! It's not NBC, La Raza, it's their customers who want Trump. You won the battle with your whining after Trump made his statement and pressured NBC to cancel coverage of the Miss Universe Pageant, hurting all those beautiful girls who had worked for hard for so long to be there, but you lost the war because Trump was right and proven so, and you and your lousy phony 501 C 3 tax fraud "charity" was dead wrong.

    Trump was not only right with what he said, American Hispanics know that and are supporting him. Trump leads the Republican field with Hispanic votes, American Hispanics of course, not your illegal aliens that you use tax exempt money and even direct government funding to promote.

    But cry while you can, your organization is on the way down and out. You're no longer in fashion. So sharpen up those resumes and enjoy your funding while you get it, because starting in 2017, the first thing our new President will do is cut all funding to organizations that promote illegal immigration. He might even issue some federal warrants for your arrests for aiding and abetting illegal aliens violating US immigration law.
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