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    Home Depot, neighbors upset at day laborers ... 5local.htm

    January 25, 2006

    Home Depot, neighbors upset at day laborers
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    Home Depot has posted a sign reminding the laborers that it's against the law to loiter or stand in the parking lot.
    Home Depot should have to provide space INSIDE their stores since they're so keen on illegals.
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    These people who hire illegal alien day laborers to come into their homes are crazy. Here in San Diego, although you rarley hear about it on the news, there has been a rash of assualts, rapes and even kidnappings over the last few years by illegal day laborers who are picked up by people to do jobs at their homes and properties. What they will do is come to someone's house and see their wives and young daughters, and later in the cover of night, come back and commit sexual assaults. They get paid with cash at the end of the day, have nowhere to stay but in the local canyons and bushes, get drunk with the money they make, then get horny thinking about the women and young girls they saw during the day and know exactly where to go to get their thrills. Not only that, but there have been women joggers attacked, even young girls at school bus stops assaulted in the mornings waiting for the bus. But don't expect local news to report on this, and if they do, they say it was a "local man" or a "so-and-so resident", never an illegal alien day laborer.
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