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    Hot Air:Adios, ALIPAC dumps Dobbs over new pro-amnesty stanc

    I just clicked into another of my go-to sites and saw a mention of ALIPAC on's headlines. It links to this blog.

    Thursday, December 03, 2009
    Hey Lou, How's That Political Career Working Out?

    Former CNN host Lou Dobbs sure has a lot to learn about politics. For example, don't abandon your base until after you're in office.


    A leading anti-immigrant group bid adios to Lou Dobbs on Thursday, now that the ex-CNN anchor is casting himself as a true friend to immigrants as he mulls a run for office.

    The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC announced they were yanking their support for Dobbs, who in recent days has been trying to deny his record as an often caustic foe of giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

    "To be honest with you, I don't know what [Dobbs] is doing," said ALIPAC president William Gheen. "But I know that a large segment of his base feels betrayed."

    Of course his flip-flopping may not harm him so much if he plans on running in New Jersey, but such naked pandering won't sell nationally, not that he'd really ever be a factor in a presidential race any time soon, despite some efforts to push him as a third-party candidate in order to ensure Obama's re-election. ... areer.html

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    Here we go again. ALIPAC is not an anti-immigration group, rather anti-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. So many fools, in their jammies or not, are too sloppy to differentiate before spewing.
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    Once again, as a member of ALIPAC, I am NOT against immigration but abhor and loathe ILLEGAL immigration! It isn't fair to those who strive for American citizenship and follow the laws of the land to acquire their goal.

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    Right they should have said anti-illegal immigration organization. Well, it was still nice for them to cover our story though, quote William and tell our position.
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