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    House Immigration Bill - Putting Lipstick on a Pig

    3/24/07 | Joe Lynch

    Posted on 03/24/2007 10:20:50 AM PDT by westcoastwillieg


    The House immigration bill that contains a ‘path to citizenship’ is a stealth amnesty that rewards illegal aliens for breaking our laws. Though not publicized, the motive behind the bill is to provide an endless supply of cheap labor for business plus gardeners, maids and nannies for the rich. If wages are suppressed, profits go up and the rich get richer. As an aside, most of the politicians that support the bill are well off---some are millionaires many times over.

    Unfortunately legal immigrants, African-Americans and other low income wage earners have the most to lose and will get the short end of the employment stick. No millionaire, business executive or politician will have to compete for a job with the 10-20 million amnestied aliens but millions of low income Americans will. For this reason most Americans oppose any path to citizenship/amnesty and the politicians are forced to put lipstick on a pig.

    When you analyze the arguments for amnesty they have little or no merit; in fact, the politicians have no idea how many illegal aliens will be eligible. Even the president and a gaggle of politicians (with their huge staffs) have no credible arguments and are forced to use bogus arguments such as:

    We can’t protect out borders. This is nonsense; of course the U.S. government could control its borders if it wanted to. This isn’t rocket science---we have the technology and resources to do it—what is lacking is the will.

    We can’t deport 10-20 million illegal aliens. Many politicians say this bill is better than the alternative of attempting to deport 10-20 million people. The politicians are well aware that no one is seriously talking about or has plans to deport millions of illegal aliens. This is another bogus argument as mass deportations are not the only alternative to amnesty.

    What are we going to do with the 10-20 million illegals in the country? The question really should be, “What are the 10-20 million illegal aliens going to do after we secure our borders, eliminate their benefits and punish employers who hire illegal aliens?

    Illegal aliens do jobs Americans won’t do. More properly stated illegal aliens do jobs Americans won’t do at the low wages offered. Many are unskilled jobs that our high school and college students used to do part time; they include, lawn mowing, washing cars, flipping burgers, baby-sitting, delivering newspapers, etc. Who do they think performed these jobs before illegal aliens flooded our country? This overused bogus argument should be known as, “The jobs Americans won’t do scam.”

    We can’t hire enough workers. While similar to ‘The jobs Americans won’t do scam’ this problem, if it exists, can be solved with a Kelly Girl style temporary worker program. There are several of these plans floating around. Most have cash incentives for foreign nationals to return to their country of origin after a one year period of employment.

    As yet, no credible arguments have been made that support a path to citizenship/amnesty; in fact, the persuasive arguments (overpopulation, environmental damage, scarcity of resources, cost, etc.) oppose the path to citizenship/amnesty. Most Americans favor the enforcement first approach. Some voter surveys show: 84% say the U.S. should go after employers who hire illegal immigrants 86% say the U.S. should cut off funds to cities and states that refuse to enforce the law

    The arguments against path to citizenship/amnesty are many. One of the most persuasive is our countries explosive population growth and its dependence on foreign oil. As each year passes we become more dependent on foreign oil. The amount of energy we require is largely a function of population. Just as two people require more water than one person so it is with energy in a modern society.

    By the year 2050, census estimates predict that our population will be over 500,000,000 and by 2100 will exceed ONE BILLION. Behind China and India, the U.S. is the third most populous nation in the world and we’re fast catching up. According to the U.S. Census Bureau our population was 297,821,175 on January 1, 2006 an increase of 2.71 million in only one year.

    It should be obvious that as population grows so does the amount of energy we need. To be sure there are ways to conserve but there is a limit to how much we can conserve without self destructing. There is no magic bullet and our dependence on foreign oil will range far into the future. With the rapid industrialization of other areas of the world, natural resources will be in short supply---some already are. Our politicians simply refuse to deal with the massive population growth that is fueling the demand for energy. For some reason politicians and the State Department are intent on dumping as many people as they can onto our shores. Recently our Secretary of State granted an immigration law waiver so that many of the 9,300 Burmese refugees at a camp in Thailand can be considered for resettlement in the United States. If you think our roads, schools, prisons and hospitals are jammed today just wait a few years.

    While mass deportations are not seriously being considered, what is being considered is that we get serious about securing our borders and ports, eliminating benefits and punishing employers who hire illegal aliens. Drying up the benefits and job market would encourage many illegals to return to their country of origin. One idea that will speed up reverse migration is a program allowing citizens to receive a reward for reporting employers who hire illegal aliens. Giving a percentage of the fine to the citizen who reports the employer would encourage participation. Splitting the fine with local and state governments (who cooperate) would encourage them to participate. The IRS has a similar program that allows citizens to receive a reward for reporting tax cheats.

    In 1986, President Reagan’s well-intentioned amnesty program backfired and encouraged a stampede of illegal aliens to enter the country. It was a major mistake; amnesty failed because politicians who swore to uphold our laws lied and refused to enforce our immigration laws. Twenty years later we have ten times as many illegal aliens as we did in 1986. In spite of what politicians say, another amnesty will only have the same result; simply put, we cannot trust the president or politicians of either party. We tried compassion--it didn’t work--now it’s time for tough love.

    Please copy and circulate across the USA.
    Comments being left at the link also.
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    Fairs 7 steps sounds good except for the (Real ID act).
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