House Judiciary Republicans Launch Inquiry into Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Accused of Murdering Kayla Hamilton

by JOHN BINDER 28 Feb 2023

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement Chairman Tom McClintock (R-CA) have launched an inquiry into the illegal alien MS-13 Gang member accused of murdering 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton last year.

Last month, the Aberdeen Police Department in Aberdeen, Maryland, arrested and charged a 17-year-old illegal alien MS-13 gang member from El Salvador with murder, accusing him of strangling to death and then raping Hamilton in her residence in July 2022.

The illegal alien suspect, according to a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official, had been released from the border into the United States interior by President Joe Bidenís Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC).

Kayla Hamilton and her mother, Tammy Nobles (Photo via FOX45 News)

On Tuesday, Jordan and McClintock sent letters to Bidenís DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, demanding information regarding the illegal alien accused of murdering Hamilton.

ďCriminal aliens and gang members exploit the U.S. immigration system to harm Americans,Ē Jordan and McClintock write to Mayorkas. ďThe Biden administrationís border and immigration policies only increase the likelihood that those criminal aliens will successfully enter and remain in the U.S.Ē

In particular, Jordan and McClintock have asked Mayorkas for the accused killerís immigration history, his immigration detention status, the time and place he was first encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border, and whether federal agents were alerted to his MS-13 Gang association.

Likewise, the congressmen have asked Becerra for HHS records showing how agency officials were able to verify the accused killerís age, identity, and family ties that reportedly helped classify him as a UAC and thus eligible for release into the U.S. interior.

The federal governmentís UAC pipeline into the U.S. has proven an effective tool for human smugglers and foreign nationals to traffic child migrants into the nationís interior.

In Fiscal Year 2021, nearly 123,000 UACs were released into the U.S. interior ó a 700 percent increase compared to Fiscal Year 2020, when former President Trump was in office.

Of those released into the U.S. interior in Fiscal Year 2021, 66 percent were male and 92 percent arrived from Honduras, Guatemala, or El Salvador. Likewise, 72 percent ranged from 15 to 17 years old, the prime recruiting age for gangs such as MS-13.