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    House Republicans to target immigration ... /610100470

    October 10, 2006

    House Republicans to target immigration

    By Mary Beth Schneider

    Republican candidates for the Indiana House will pledge to crack down on illegal immigration at a news conference this morning.

    The news conference will be held at 10 a.m. on Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis.
    The pledge is the eighth in a series of promises Republican state representatives and candidates are making through the Nov. 7 general election as the GOP tries to hang on to or increase its 52 to 48 majority in the Indiana Houses.
    Illegal immigration has become a searing issue with some voters, and several House Republicans have already focused on it in their campaigns.
    Earlier this year, the House voted 74 to 19 to defeat a bill that would have withheld state-funded assistance, from health care to education, from illegal immigrants. The House, including most Republicans, voted against the measure after an impassioned speech by State Rep. Mike Murphy -- who also is the Marion County Republican Party chairman -- about the discrimination immigrants have faced through history.
    This story will be updated.
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    Will AMerica Tolerate A MASSIVE AMNESTY? That is the question right now on my mind. Im not happy about the projections this term. Not happy at all. ITs a war from here on out. This will be a permantent problem/political issue for Americans who care about the issue.

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