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    Hudspeth Deputies Intercept Illegal Immigrants

    Hudspeth Deputies Intercept Illegal Immigrants
    Checkpoint Finds 2 Mexican Soldiers

    POSTED: 9:24 pm MDT May 19, 2006

    May 19, 2006 -- The Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office intercepts 54 illegal immigrants just 90 miles east of El Paso, and among the group are two former Mexican soldiers.

    The arrests were part of Operation Linebacker. Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West said it shows how local law enforcement can be another line of defense along the border.

    The immigrants were caught on Highway 62/180, near the Guadalupe Mountains. That's where Hudspeth County deputies set up a checkpoint and within a matter of hours intercepted three trucks and one van loaded with illegal immigrants, totaling 54 people, including two children and six women.

    The most alarming part, West said, was that two men were carrying Mexican military IDs.

    "Two of the aliens that were mixed in with the crowd were either ex- or former military. One of them had been deported just two weeks ago," West said.

    West said one of the men admitted to having a fake Social Security card and identification card showing he resides in Clifton, Texas.

    "Makes you wonder what the military is trying to do over here, or former military," said West.

    The checkpoint is miles from the U.S.-Mexico border and a good distance from any border patrol checkpoint. West said it raises the question of whom is getting through when no law enforcement is out there monitoring.

    The last time Hudspeth deputies set up a checkpoint was in March, and within a 28-hour period, deputies apprehended 75 illegal immigrants -- in comparison to Friday's staggering 54 people within a matter of hours.

    West said he believes it is part of an influx of immigrants hoping to stay in the country and get amnesty with a proposed guest-worker immigration program.
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    Must be heading for the avocado fields to better their life. :P :P Right?

    Ya and I have ocean front property in Kansas to sell too.
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