Human Rights Association criticized immigration proposal
Published: 02/13/1911 at 12:15 PM

MEXICO .- The executive director of the Coalition Human Rights of Immigrants Los Angeles (CHIRLA, For its acronym in English), Angelica Salas, criticized the immigration proposal presented on Friday, Republican Orrin Hatch.

In a telephone interview, he told himself disappointed by the attitude of the legislator, who announced that the third week of February, will promote the initiative "Strengthening our commitment to legal immigration and national security", which was presented in September.

Republican Senator Utah made the announcement to members of the Heritage Foundation, clearly conservative in what Chambers described as an attempt to begin building the conditions for re-election next year.

Being a proposal for more severe legal immigration system, the representative of CHIRLA argued, would generate a lot of pressure on the judicial system would be costly to implement and provide very few creative solutions to the problem.

According to Angelica Salas, the Utah senator is inclined to criminalize and stigmatize the undocumented workers, without offering any option to resolve the situation of 11 million 700 thousand immigrants who live and work in the United States without residency papers.

CHIRLA The leader warned that this kind of proposals reinforces the "witch hunt" against undocumented workers.

"We are deeply disappointed that Senator Hatch has chosen the option with the lowest common denominator in terms of immigration control," he said.

However, coincided with the Republican "we can not close our eyes to the reality of a legal immigration system is not working properly" and that America can not be isolated in a bubble.

However he clarified that he be deported to millions of people who are part of American society, with or without legal documents, since the vast majority of these workers are not criminals, they have never been and never will be.
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