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    Hummer filled with drugs nabbed by interior Border Patrol

    Hummer filled with narcotics nabbed by interior Border Patrol Agents

    May 28th, 2011 11:32 am PT
    Kimberly Dvorak
    San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner

    Approximately 50 pounds of narcotics were seized by interior Border Patrol enforcement agents when they spotted a Hummer H3 driver behaving suspiciously. After the agents questioned the 38-year-old driver, they called in the K-9 team who performed a cursory inspection that lead to the drugs.

    Once the K-9's warned Border Patrol Agents to a positive alert, they found anomalies on the Hummer’s undercarriage and rear seats.

    “Agents subsequently discovered an aftermarket compartment under the rear seats concealing a total of 23 cellophane-wrapped bundles containing 26.78 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and 23.48 pounds of cocaine with a combined estimated street value of $716, 840,

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    Re: Hummer filled with drugs nabbed by interior Border Patro

    [quote="JohnDoe2"]Hummer filled with narcotics nabbed by interior Border Patrol Agents

    So, was the driver an illegal alien?? The article doesn't say who the driver was.
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