He doesn’t care

Obama knows Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall

By Dr. Laurie Roth
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Democrats are frightfully nervous, seeing their lives flash before their eyes. Not all in the House and Senate and who serve as Governors and state officials, wish to shred and sacrifice their careers for the suicidal policies of Barack Hussein Obama. Yet, this is unfolding before our eyes. We are seeing the growth and development of a political bloodbath and dramatic shift from the far progressive left to the right again.

Remember that with the last Presidential election and many congressional elections, Independent voters and the disillusioned voter made the difference. They were reeled in to the therapeutic message of change and hope of Obama, thinking magically that crusty old Bush, obsessed with war had no concept of warmth, priorities and change.

I am the first to confess that Bush was no ‘wonder of the world’ and I disagreed with his globalist, North American Union agenda and lack of leadership dealing with illegal immigration and our borders. However, under his leadership and needed tax cuts, the economy improved and jobs grew, unlike with Obama.

Also, a strong statement was made from the U.S. under Bush regarding Islamic terror in response to 9/11. He was right in many ways to attack areas of strong Islamic radicalism and terrorist training areas such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Bush started allowing the pressure of Islamic groups to intimidate him into starting the change of rhetoric as to who we were fighting with fear of insulting any Muslim. By the time the ‘war on terror’ had been assaulted into non existence, we were practically fighting ‘Fred Flintstone.’

Barack Hussein Obama has made sure that even the mention of the ‘war on terror’ fighting Islamic radicalism or fundamentalism is gone. Now, were are fighting the meaningless and mentally ill term….’overseas contingency operation.’ We might as well be saying we are fighting a war against Pee Wee Herman.

It is most obvious by the multitude of slip ups and statements made by Obama himself that he is still a Muslim in his own mind. He has said this in interviews here and abroad, even to Egyptian officials. There is no game anymore between ‘Christian and Islamic.’ I think most of us with a small amount of our brain working can get a clue about what he supports and shows reverence for and it ain’t Christianity!

Behind Obama’s Muslim, Christian sea of lies to the American people, is the onslaught his dictatorial belief system and plans for America. He continues, as Hitler, Chavez, Castro and Mussolini did (among other tyrants) to use sound bites, promises, created falsified enemies, and created disasters and problems to solve.

We heard the endless empathetic and desperate speeches of need regarding Health care. We had to have it since so many, poor millions were suffering and dying without care….especially minorities, women and children. The progressive, anti American and anti budget left in congress bought into it and passed it.

It seems the next manipulative slam against America and distorted push is now Cap and Trade and a carbon tax, all based on the learning we all have had as a country from the Gulf oil spill. Reid, Pelosi and Obama are planning to push this through for a vote in early July. If this horror show passes, it will regulate, tax and litigate small, medium and large business to death. Those that remain will pay dearly for being in business and be nothing but submissive puppets at the hand of the messiah, who collects the majority of their hard earned money and redistributes it.

Obama cares nothing about the Democrat Party and minorities! He is sacrificing them right before our eyes
Obama will continue to craft schemes with another amnesty bill and stealing of our gun rights, via the U.N. and a treaty no doubt. Remember, he must invent more votes from illegals, or Puerto Rico, while stopping the flow and use of guns in America. He would love to hide and plans to hide behind the international U.N. treaty. He still would have to get a treaty passed in the Senate by a super majority but with his endless sea of pay offs, bribes and spirit of compromise, anything is possible.

Obama cares nothing about the Democrat Party and minorities! He is sacrificing them right before our eyes with the attempt to cram his draconian bills through a progressive congress as fast as he can. He is most empowered in his own eyes since he signed the Health care bill into law. He will quickly push his version of Cap and Trade through, amnesty and if he can get away with it a gun treaty…..ALL BEFORE THE MID TERMS WHICH IS WHEN HUMPTY’S PROGRESSIVE BODY GOES SPLAT ON THE PAVEMENT.