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Thread: ICE Director: U.S. Immigration Law Requires Removal of Illegal Aliens, Deporting Non-

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    ICE Director: U.S. Immigration Law Requires Removal of Illegal Aliens, Deporting Non-

    ( – In an interviewwith National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” on Saturday, John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told host Scott Simon that U.S. immigration laws require the removal of aliens who are in the country illegally, but that those without criminal records are “not our priority.”

    In the June 9 interview, Simon asked Morton about charges by some critics of his agency that illegal aliens were being rounded up for minor infractions like a broken taillight and being deported.

    “Now, we spoke with Mary Meg McCarthy, who’s executive director of Heartland Alliance's National Immigrant Justice Center in Chicago, and she says that they often see cases of illegal immigrants who have no criminal record being deported or people who were just stopped for minor infractions like a broken taillight,” Simon said.

    “Sometime it's something as simple as a broken taillight, right? They may be stopped for and the next thing you know, they're facing deportation from the United States after living here for years,” McCarthy said.
    “You wouldn't dispute that, necessarily,” Simon said.

    “The immigration laws of the United States provide that people can be removed simply for being here unlawfully. And obviously, our job is to enforce the law. And while we do remove people without criminal convictions, the scenario that she lays out of people who've been here for a very long period of time and have no criminal record and are removed from the United States is, in fact, quite rare,” Morton replied.

    “Those people are not our priority, and we don't seek to remove them in large numbers,” Morton said.

    Simon also asked Morton about the 25 percent increase in agents responsible for the identification and deportation of illegal aliens with criminal records that was put into place last month.

    The increase, which began without public notice on May 14, increases the number of fugitive operations teams from 104 to 129. Each team has been given a goal of arresting 50 suspects per month, according to documentsobtained by the Los Angeles Times/Tribune Washington Bureau.

    In his interview with Simon, however, Morton said, “we don't assign a given number of individuals to arrest.”

    Simon concluded the interview by asking Morton if the increase in agents was political in nature.

    “I reject that assertion,” Morton said. “Listen, we are trying to make the best of a difficult set of circumstances.

    “We have come up with what we believe to be a rational set of priorities that focus on criminal offenders, border security and people who game the system,” Morton said. “And at the same time, advocate for long-term immigration reform that deals in a rational way with the large number of people who've lived here for a very, very long period of time and for whom removal, as a class, really isn't the answer.”

    ICE Director: U.S. Immigration Law Requires Removal of Illegal Aliens, Deporting Non-Criminals
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    • Obama's FY2012 deportation numbers are taking a major hit.....the number of criminals they have been able to round up have been dropping

      Deportation Orders Sought on Alleged Criminal ActivityQuarter and Year
      ICE Filings in Immigration Court
      Total Filings Criminal Activity Percent Criminal
      Jan-Mar 2009 63,257 10,066 16%
      Apr-Jun 2009 66,635 10,588 16%
      Jul-Sep 2009 66,950 10,901 16%
      Oct-Dec 2009 57,967 10,027 17%
      Jan-Mar 2010 61,359 10,732 17%
      Apr-Jun 2010 65,728 10,638 16%
      Jul-Sep 2010 61,245 9,369 15%
      Oct-Dec 2010 55,263 8,841 16%
      Jan-Mar 2011 58,955 9,085 15%
      Apr-Jun 2011 61,192 9,406 15%
      Jul-Sep 2011 60,196 8,676 14%
      Oct-Dec 2011 49,343 7,080 14%
      Jan-Mar 2012* 37,659 5,450 14%
      President Obama is also cranking up employer I-9 audits: ICE Reveals 3000 Employer Audits Coming per Year, 500 Every 2 Months
    • Secure Communities are also being activated at a record pace; 3,074 of 3,181 97% of Jurisdictions have now been activated

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    This whole thing about criminal and non-criminal illegals is ridiculous. Do we have laws or not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiara View Post
    This whole thing about criminal and non-criminal illegals is ridiculous. Do we have laws or not?
    Somehow our education system has failed. They are criminals the very second that they cross that border illegally!! What is there to understand, oh, we do not use english dictionaries in schools?
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    not good enough, President Obama, just not good enough Forums for Justice - View Single Post - Illegal Immigration - Deportation Cases

    mandate, and enforce, E-Verify for all jobs, and any entitlement

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