ICE's Atlanta field office targeted in overnight destructive demonstration

By Emilie Ikeda
Published 7 hours ago
FOX 5 Atlanta

Vandals smash windows at ICE building in Atlanta

Demonstrations at a federal building in downtown turned violent and ended with fireworks and shattered glass.

ATLANTA - Vandals sweeped through 180 Ted Turner Drive overnight, smashing windows and spray-painting the building that houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Atlanta field office. The bulk of the damage was largely to the front but extended into the street and across to what appeared to be a vacant building.

Agents patrolled the grounds early Sunday, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation surveyed the area, snapping pictures of shattered windows, remaining signs, and graffiti.

One message read, "No more peace." Another said, "No cops, no ICE, no borders."

Homeland Security police pushed our crew back as daylight revealed leftover smoke bombs.

Twitter users, who appear to have been documenting the overnight ransacking, shared images showing a group starting a fire on Ted Turner Drive and erecting barricades. In the videos, you can hear fireworks going off, as masked protestors tossed them through broken windows.

Drums played in the background, and the group chanted, "Black Lives Matter."

It's reminiscent of the vandalism to the Georgia State Patrol headquarters earlier in July, when dozens of masked protestors marched to the state property, banging drums, throwing fireworks and spray-painting the building, causing what officials called "extensive" damage.

Notably, FOX 5 cannot confirm if it's the same group of people who targeted the ICE field office overnight.

Sunday's vandalism comes as more protestors target federal entities across the country.

Social media comments labeled this damage as a stand in "solidarity" with the "Freedom Fighters" of Portland, where protestors have repeatedly clashed with agents guarding a federal courthouse.

It's unclear if anyone was arrested or injured. FOX 5 reached out to federal and local authorities but have not yet heard back.