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    If illegals don't want to be legal, they should go home ... /702190318

    If illegals don't want to be legal, they should go home

    Webster's dictionary defines illegal as: "Not according to or authorized by law." Why is this definition so hard to understand by those elected to office by the citizens of this country to ensure the laws of the USA are followed and adhered to?

    Why, if people are in this country illegally, are they permitted to drain the social programs that have been earned by those who are citizens or are here legally and "paying their way" in order to enjoy these programs?

    The argument "this country was built by immigrants" is true. But those were different times and long before any of us were born. It was also before there were fanatics, terrorists and those who want to destroy the USA in any way they can.

    Anyone in this country illegally has already committed a federal crime.

    Solution: Stop hiring illegals, fine the businesses that hire them, deny them any social programs, and if need be, seize whatever assets they may have.

    If a person wants to live and work in America, become a citizen the legal way or be in this country working legally.

    If they want to be in this country, live by our laws and our culture.

    How many believe China, North Korea, Iran, etc., would allow illegals into their country and allow them to have the same privileges as the citizens? If anybody believes that those entering this country are all honest, law-abiding people, check the crime statistics.

    This is not to say all illegals fall in these categories. However, it certainly makes one ask if they are truly wanting to become a citizen, why don't they do it legally? If they don't want to do that, then maybe they should consider returning to their own country and continue with their unacceptable ways.
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    The Mexican government has brain washed their people that America belongs to them and that our borders don't mean anything. Bush and the Democrats are letting this attitude go. Our government does not support Americans, it supports Mexico.

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