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Thread: Illegal Alien Accused of Kidnapping, Recording Rape of Teen Classmate

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    Illegal Alien Accused of Kidnapping, Recording Rape of Teen Classmate

    24 Sep 2017
    Frederick MD

    Frederick police arrested an illegal alien from El Salvador and another boy after they allegedly kidnapped, raped, and recorded the rape of a teenage girl in their Maryland class. The duo claimed the orders came from a female classmate.

    Alleged gang members Victor Gonzalez-Gutierres, a 19-year-old illegal alien, and Edgar Chicas-Hernandez, 17, were both arrested on the kidnapping and rape charges. A third teenage boy, who was also allegedly involved in the incident, had yet to be arrested by police, according to Fox News.

    The 18-year-old victim told police she was walking home when the illegal alien and two other boys suddenly confronted her. According to the victim, the boys used a knife to cut her before hitting her and pulling her hair. They eventually dragged her into a nearby car.

    That’s when the alleged gang members, Gonzalez-Gutierres and Chicas-Hernandez, as well as the third boy, held her against her will and continuously raped her for hours — all while filming the sexual assault, the victim told police.

    Following the hours-long rape, the illegal alien and two other boys took the victim back to her home where they had allegedly kidnapped her and told her “next time it will be worse” if she divulged information to the police.

    “We’re looking into all possible gang affiliations and ties to see if the suspects have or had any ties to local gangs or transnational gangs,” Frederick Sgt. Andrew Alcorn told local media of the case. “This is not a common occurrence in Frederick. It’s a very quiet town and we like to keep it that way, and when an incident like this occurs we put all our available resources into solving it.”

    The victim told police that the illegal alien and other boys told her during the incident that they were following out orders they had received from a fellow female classmate.

    Police have identified and the female who allegedly ordered the rape of the girl, obtaining online conversations where the female admits to a plan to give acquaintances footage of the rape in exchange for “one night of pleasure.”

    The victim told police that the illegal alien, Gonzalez-Gutierres, and Chicas-Hernandez were both known gang members. Although it remains unclear which gang the two boys were involved with, the violent MS-13 gang remains one of the most popular street gangs for young, illegal aliens from El Salvador.

    The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been notified about Gonzalez-Gutierres and have an immigration hold on the teen.
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    Wonder if this is the same high school that had a rape in the bathroom several months ago? Casa de Maryland condones and fights for this trash to remain here! What about OUR rights????
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    This is what obama allowed and encouraged to come to the border to be brought into the country as UACs and they receive much money monthly from our citizens. They need to return to their countries, not just after they commit crimes but now. Their numbers are in the mega thousands and are still being taken in.

    See no action from trump on this other then when they are "recorded" as criminals or gang members. He needs to eliminate this program. gw signed for this program to be cont'd then trump should be able to undo that.
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    article from 7/14 stating how gw signed this act for UACs - from 7/14, it states 50,000 have crossed at that time so 3 more yrs of obama and jah johson letting anything in, it is probably in the hundreds of thousands "children" we are paying for their livelihood, schooling and healthcare.
    trump should've repealed this day one - what is he waiting for?

    Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking

    President George W. Bush signing the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. Credit Charles Dharapak/Associated Press Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who helped write the measure, said the White House does not need new power to act. “That law already provides the administration with flexibility to accelerate the judicial process in times of crisis,” she said. “The administration should use that flexibility to speed up the system while still treating these children humanely, with compassion and respect.”

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    Id like to know if those gang raping illgeals had Obama/Trump DACA Amnesty status that faciliated their crimes?
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    Frederick rape suspect appeared in immigration court for prior arrest in April
    Play Video

    By: Tisha Lewis, staff
    POSTED: SEP 22 2017 06:19PM EDT
    VIDEO POSTED: SEP 22 2017 06:23PM EDT
    UPDATED: SEP 22 2017 08:21PM EDT

    FREDERICK, Md. - There are new details about one of the suspects accused with kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old acquaintance as she returned to her apartment in Maryland.

    Edgar Chicas-Hernandez, 17, and Victor Gonzalez Gutierres, 19, have been charged in this case while a third suspect who allegedly filmed the incident remains on the run.

    According to court documents, Gonzalez Gutierres was no stranger to police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Back in April, the 19-year-old was arrested for failure to obey and resisting arrest after he was a passenger in a vehicle that police were pursuing. During the chase, he bolted from the car and was eventually caught nearby.

    ICE said Gonzalez Gutierres was released on immigration bond by a judge and it appears a court date was set to discuss his potential deportation.

    ICE insists all procedures were followed, but Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said this incident illustrates a larger problem.

    “You ask yourself how and why,” he said. “The reason why is the system is broken. Not only the immigration system, but the enforcement in the backside where people have to wait so long for court dates and immigration court. Bonds are set and the courts know that these people will not appear in immigration court to face deportation.”

    Sheriff Jenkins added, “I think the solution is more immigration judges, speedier court dates, more effective, more expeditious court dates, court appearances, and for these people not to be released but to be kept in jail until they appear in court and are removed from the country.”

    Jenkins also said he believes both suspects charged in the rape case were likely MS-13 gang members and he has information to indicate that.

    ICE said in a statement, “Once ICE encounters an alien, custody determinations are made on a case-by-case basis after a review of the alien's case."

    The federal law enforcement agency also said an immigration judge granted bond to Gonzalez Gutierres since he did not have any criminal convictions nor was he considered a flight risk.

    ICE has lodged an immigration detainer for Gonzalez Gutierres after his most recent arrest.
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