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    Illegal alien amnesty will not bring a happy new year

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - The Conscience of a Realist by Joseph Cotto
    The Washington Times

    Photo: Associated Press

    OCALA, Fla., January 1, 2014 — When it comes to illegal immigration, kicking the can down the road has long been a favored strategy of politicians. The road does not go on forever, though, so in the event of illegal alien amnesty, what should America expect for the future?

    “We can expect disaster. In sum, we’ll witness the unmaking of America,” says Dr. Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies. “It would subvert our political life by destroying the Republican Party. The Hispanic vote will make the Democrats the PRI of America. A GOP relic might survive regionally, but could never successfully contest a national election.

    “America would turn into a One Party State which, like all others, would be tyrannical and corrupt. The political center would lurch to the left. Political liberty, the freedom to choose among authentically different alternatives, would be lost.

    “A population transfer from one nation with a different language and political culture which will become the predominant future demographic will destroy social cohesion. The diversity of previous immigration safeguarded against this. Dual language/dual culture countries are plagued by Balkanizing social strife.

    “Amnesty will weaken national security, making America an easier target for Jihadist terrorism. Background checks on millions of illegal aliens will be cursory, just ‘rubber stamps.’ S.744 [The U.S. Senate’s amnesty bill] doesn’t even require applicants to verify identities in person. The CBO finds the Bill’s border security so ineffectual it would stop, at best, 30 percent of illegal entrants. DHS estimates some 30,000 border crossers annually come from countries on the Terrorist Watch List.

    “Amnesty will have brutal consequences for the most vulnerable Americans. Unfair competition with cheap immigrant labor already devastates America’s working poor and working Americans. The net fiscal effect of immigration is to transfer wealth from the poorest Americans to immigrants.

    “The most authoritative study ever undertaken showed 44 percent of the decline in wages for the poorest Americans results from competition with cheap foreign labor. That was in 1995. Increased competition will yield more devastating results.

    “Amnesty will also destroy forever the dream that most African-Americans will find a secure place in America’s economy by having jobs with social dignity.

    “‘Cheap immigrant labor’ is a bargain only for employers. The huge gulf between minimal taxes paid by immigrants and the huge welfare benefits they receive is a multi-trillion dollar drain on the economy.

    “The law of supply and demand is immutable. This means more unemployment and part-time employment, and fiercer competition for lower pay and jobs. If S.744 passes, the CBO estimates these conditions will prevail for at least a quarter century, making the rise of an enormous permanent underclass a distinct reality.”

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Chris Christie Gives Illegal Aliens Foothold in NJ Complete with in-state tuition

    Chris Christie will never be president of America. This two-faced liar campaigned and won the Governorship of New Jersey by criticizing his opponent, John Corzine, for supporting licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

    Now, Chris Christie wants to run for the position of president and he has just signed a bill that grants in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

    This means that New Jersey taxpayers will now be forced to pay thousands of dollars in taxes each year to subsidize each illegal immigrant going to their colleges. Since New Jersey colleges fill up each year, this means that illegal aliens will displace American students who need those limited seats!

    Forcing taxpayers to give in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens will only encourage more people to illegally immigrate to America and New Jersey.

    Chris Christie is clearly a liar whom no voter can trust regardless of their position on in-state tuition for illegals.

    Please review the bad news for Americans and good news for illegal alien invaders and then call Chris Christie to tell him that he will never become president of America because he just ended his political career by signing in-state tuition for illegal aliens into law.

    Christie Gives Illegal Aliens Access to In-State Tuition

    Call Chris Christie and let him know how angry you are at 609-292-6000

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