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    Illegal Alien Gang Member Sentenced To 12 1/2 Years In Priso

    Illegal Alien Gang Member Sentenced To 12 1/2 Years In Prison

    An illegal alien gang member who had previous drug and sexual abuse convictions was sentenced in federal court yesterday to 12½ years in federal prison for re-entering the United States after having been deported. The case was investigated by ICE and prosecuted by the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

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    YES!! This must be the same lady that arrested the 52 in another news story posted today. What's her name? Melissa Brown? We need to call her and THANK her. Does anyone know how to get the phone Number. This woman is a Patriot!!

    Whoops, its 56. And her name is Elissa Brown. Here I brought over a little clip

    "Reich Installation Services has been associated with at least two other U.S. sites where illegal aliens have been arrested within the last year,” said Elissa Brown, ICE special agent-in-charge of the Chicago office. “Employers must get the message that hiring illegal aliens is against the law. ICE will especially scrutinize those employers who are repeatedly identified in these operations.” Brown oversees the ICE Office of Investigations for a six-state area, including: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Adopt a Soldier

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