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    Illegal Alien Residing In Colorado Wanted For Killing Cop ... etail.html

    Illegal Alien Residing In Colorado Wanted For Killing Cop
    Alamosa Resident Deported To Face Charges In Mexico

    POSTED: 11:54 am MDT May 26, 2005

    An illegal immigrant wanted for killing a Mexican police officer was deported Thursday, after his arrest in Colorado.

    Jose Luis Ventura-Molina was wanted by Mexican authorities for the slaying of a police officer.

    Jose Luis Ventura-Molina was wanted by Mexican authorities for the 2001 slaying of a Michoacan, Mexico police officer. The officer, Guillermo Menchaca-Escobar, was Ventura-Molina's son-in-law, according to authorities.

    Ventura-Molina reportedly fled Mexico following the murder and illegally entered the United States in 2002, taking up residence in the Alamosa area, according to special agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was subsequently detained by local Alamosa law enforcement officers in late 2004 on unrelated misdemeanor charges.

    Officials received an anonymous tip in January that Ventura-Molina was wanted in Mexico, and immigration officials confirmed the tip through photographic and fingerprint identification.

    A U.S. government database revealed that Ventura-Molina was arrested and deported once before, but the arrest warrant in the police officer's slaying was not known at the time. Immigration officials said that he illegally re-entered the United States and resided in Colorado under the name Manuel Avila until his arrest.

    Ventura-Molina was flown from Colorado to California Thursday and then driven to the U.S.-Mexico border at San Ysidro, where he was turned over to Mexican authorities at the port of entry.
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    And I bet they won't send that vermin that killed the detective in Denver back. Diplomats are floor mats. Good Post, tms

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    mexican cop killer

    Adios! Don't come back again, you hear!
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