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    Illegal beats and blinds elderly woman...arrested in Mexico

    Arrest in blinding of woman


    Published: Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 4:22 a.m.
    Last Modified: Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 4:22 a.m.

    DALY CITY -- Police say a Mexican man accused of beating and blinding an elderly Daly City woman during an attempted burglary of her home has been arrested.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Jose Perez-Gonzalez was an illegal immigrant living in South San Francisco when the alleged attack happened Jan. 12.

    Police say the 78-year-old victim surprised Perez-Gonzalez as he tried to pry open a rear sliding glass door to her house, thinking no one was home. He allegedly beat her in the face with the metal pry bar, leaving her blind and near death.

    Perez-Gonzalez was arrested last month in his hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico. He faces charges including attempted murder and attempted armed robbery in San Mateo County ... 3&tc=yahoo

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    I am surprised this P.O.S. hasn't already re-entered the country at the invitation of this government so he could assault another senior citizen. But again Obama will probably reward him with amnesty as he will for all illegal aliens including identity thieves, MS-13 gang bangers, child molesters, rapists, murderers and other criminals. Welcome to Estados Unidos El Mejico Norte.......
    There is no freedom without the law. Remember our veterans whose sacrifices allow us to live in freedom.

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    please reply at earlier thread at
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