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    Illegal immigrant charged with kidnapping, sexual abuse in Fayette County

    August 7, 2013 By Radio Iowa Contributor

    Ramon Perez

    Ann Yonkovic

    An illegal immigrant who was living in northeast Iowa under an assumed identity is now behind bars, accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reports 23-year-old Rodrigo Sandoval Estrada had been living in Ossian, where residents knew him as Ramon Marcus Perez.

    His girlfriend, 35-year-old Holly Ann Yonkovic, is also charged in the case. Karla Kelly lives across the street from the couple in Ossian. “It’s really sad. It’s like a gut-wrenching sad, but mad kind of day,” Kelly says. “We knew something was going on, like ‘oh my gosh, something is finally being done.’”

    Janet Monroe also lives across the street from Estrada and Yonkovic, who has children. Monroe says neighbors repeatedly contacted authorities about suspicious activity at the house. “Holly had been our neighbor here for three years, and so we got to know the kids and I feel sad and I feel very upset. I feel that this could have been prevented,” Monroe said.

    The investigation started earlier this month when deputies learned about the alleged kidnapping and sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl in late June. According to court documents, Estrada – who works in construction – picked up the girl while she was walking down a street in Waucoma and took her to an apartment.

    While at the apartment, Estrada sexually abused the girl, the documents state. Police arrested Estrada and Yonkovic, who were hiding out in a motel in Strawberry Point on Saturday. Authorities believe Yonkovic knew Estrada abused the 13-year-old girl, but did not report it.

    At least four more children may have been sexually abused by Estrada in Winneshiek County, according to a news release. More charges are pending – but for now, Estrada is charged with first-degree kidnapping, possession of false documents and forgery.
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    Must be another of Eric Cantors "Dreamers." Probably has a PHD from Harvard in Quantum Physics, an accomplished violinist, winner of many amateur poetry awards, and teaches mentally handicapped children to read Latin. You know your typical illegal alien living in the shadows.

    We ought to send this news story to the three Congressmen the SIEU has recently targeted for harassment: Chris Smith, Leonard Lance, Rodney Frelinghuysen.

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    5 children reported sexually abused; community shocked

    Posted: Aug 07, 2013 4:20 PM PST Updated: Aug 07, 2013 4:45 PM PST
    Written by Nikki Newbrough


    There are at least five young victims now in the shocking sexual abuse and kidnapping investigation out of Fayette County.

    The Fayette County Sheriff says Rodrigo Estrada and Holly Yonkovic, both of Ossian, were arrested Saturday.

    Yonkovic faces child endangerment charges. Estrada is accused of kidnapping, possession of false documents and forgery.

    "No! I couldn't believe she did that," said Jennie Birdsell.

    Birdsell worked with Yonkovic at a convenience store in Ossian. She says she was shocked to see Yonkovic's mug shot on TV

    "Holly was a good person," said Birdsell. "She would come to work. She would have her hair fixed. She wore make-up. We all loved her."

    But now, people in the small town of Ossian are wondering what happened to the girl who lived there for some time.

    "I couldn't believe it," Birdsell said. "I absolutely couldn't believe it."

    Fayette County Sheriff Marty Fisher says an investigation which began on Aug. 1 in Waucoma led to the discovery of a 13-year-old girl that was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in June.

    "This child was walking down the sidewalk when this person came along, and taken into his vehicle and in his apartment," said Fisher.

    That's where Estrada, Yonkovic's boyfriend, is accused of sexually abusing the 13-year-old girl.

    "The child was taken to an apartment and she couldn't leave and she was abused," said Fisher.

    Fisher says the girl tried to get help and told Yonkovic.

    "The 13-year-old female did make a report, did tell Holly what took place, and Holly failed to give any assistance to this female," said Fisher.

    On Aug. 2, deputies issued a warrant for the arrest of Estrada.

    Within 12 hours, the Sheriff's Department found and arrested Estrada and Yonkovic at a Strawberry Point motel.

    An "immigration detainer" has also been filed with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That means that, when local law enforcement is done with Estrada, authorities will release him to ICE.

    Rodrigo Estrada was going by the name "Ramon Perez" while he lived in Ossian, but the identity "Rodrigo Estrada" was revealed when this man was taken into custody and fingerprinted.

    Estrada also faces charges for felony possession of false documents and forgery.
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