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    Quote Originally Posted by dataman
    I have on many occasions, including some of the Mexican papers. (wonder how their english is?) I doesn't serve much of a purpose to contact elected officials unless they are your own. I did
    take advantage of the link provided (don't remember how I
    got to it--FAIR I think) to send a fax or e-mail to your US Senator about
    the REAL-ID Act. Suggest everyone does that. They do pay attention
    especially if they get a big response. In fact, when I cool off a bit I just might send a note to Foxie.
    English probably not very bueno

    Good for you that you take the time to write and I did the FAIR link thanks to you .. wasn't it you who posted about it here?

    If you write Fox-eee, tell him I said to SHUT HIS BIG MOUTH and MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS!

    One has to wonder why he has such a vested and determined interest in advancing his agenda if my understanding is correct that he is approaching the end of his term. ???????
    "This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position." .... Ronald Reagan

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    "If you write Fox-eee, tell him I said to SHUT HIS BIG MOUTH and MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS"

    Yea, what he said.... and leave Barkley out of it.
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