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Illegal immigrants commit crimes

Published on: 06/26/05

Response to "Time for Operation Move Along", AJC Gwinnett News, June 23

What part of "illegal" means something less than criminal? Yes, these Hispanic laborers do look criminal. Consider the following acts of breaking the law, and please tell the viewing public which ones you consider legal: Trespass? Fraud? Theft?

Every illegal immigrant is guilty of committing all of the above listed crimes, possibly many, many more. Any person who is in this country illegally is trespassing. Any person illegally in this country who misrepresents himself or herself by using a false Social Security card or fails to fill out the required form submitting valid identification for employment has committed fraud.

Every Hispanic illegal immigrant or any other illegal immigrant who works a job in this country has stolen an opportunity that belongs to some waiting foreigner who is playing by our rules for the privilege to legally immigrate to this country to obtain that promised opportunity these low-down thieves have taken from them!

In addition, every illegal immigrant who uses false ID is guilty of identity theft.

MICHAEL H. SMITH, Lawrenceville

We shouldn't tolerate illegals

As a Rick Badie reader and admirer, it is not often that I have a substantial disagreement with him.

This, however, is one of those times. The federal government, with our president at its head, is sworn to enforce our laws and secure our borders. With a dose of courage, state and local officials can make life a lot more difficult for illegal aliens, and their employers, than they do at present.

That many in all levels of government, including the president, refuse to honor their oaths of office regarding illegal immigration is widely understood these days.

That nationally suicidal fact is not something that we should simply shrug our shoulders and learn to "tolerate."

Illegal immigration is organized crime â€