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Thread: Illegal immigrants vow to defy Trump, call on Obama to halt deportations

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    Illegal immigrants vow to defy Trump, call on Obama to halt deportations

    Illegal immigrants vow to defy Trump, call on Obama to halt deportations

    Demand localities become sanctuaries

    By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 9, 2016

    Advocates for illegal immigrants sounded the alarm Wednesday morning as Donald Trump was poised to claim the White House, vowing to resist an expected crackdown and calling on localities to declare themselves sanctuary cities, resisting the federal government.

    They also demanded President Obama halt all deportations for the rest of his tenure.
    “Immigrants are declaring a state of urgency and resilience. Over the coming weeks, our families and community members will need to tap into the incredible strength that brought us to this country and which we use to survive,” said Cristina Jimenez, co-founder of United We Dream, an advocacy group.

    She also called Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents “racist.”

    “All people with love in our hearts are angered and disappointed tonight and pledge to resist mass deportation,” she said. “ICE and CBP have proven themselves to be agents of racism and agents of

    Mr. Trump has promised to triple the number of deportation officers and to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to try to get a handle on illegal immigration. And he’s said he will deport more people from within the U.S. — sparking fear in illegal immigrants who had hoped instead for a path to citizenship.

    Hispanic-rights groups had predicted a massive turnout in the election to oppose Mr. Trump, and in the run-up to Tuesday’s vote, when polling showed Mr. Trump losing, they prepared to take credit for denying him the White House.

    Instead, white voters turned out in large numbers, putting Mr. Trump on the cusp of victory Wednesday morning. He needed only a single further win across a handful of states to cement things.A win would give Mr. Trump a chance to undo Mr. Obama’s executive actions on immigration, including his 2012 deportation amnesty for so-called Dreamers, the young adult illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and grew up here.

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    Go "call" on YOUR President of Mexico...what is his game plan because you ALL go back!!!

    Time to go back in mass...fight for your Country, your freedoms, on YOUR soil. You want America? Go build it!!

    We have had it, we are not the ATM machine or dumping ground for the World anymore.

    We are a Nation of Laws...get in line and come here LEGALLY!

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    Sanctuary policies promote the Undergound economy. It's a type of disparate impact----where law abiding US citizens have to obey business regulation and taxation policies---and illegals working under the table do not. This is a gross slap in the face to businesses that have to meet innumerable regulations.

    The underground economy has burgeoned---as illegal immigration has soared too. In 2000 the IRS reported a tax gap (uncollected revenue) of $280 billion, which by this year had increased to $500 billion. This is a terrible tragedy in which tax paying US citizens are not only getting burdened with the impact of illegal immigrants, but they are making up the revenue shortfalls from them as well. And liberal governments with their sanctuary policies are tacitly condoning this.
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    So tired of hearing the word 'demand.' May get interesting to finally try to be a nation of laws that are actually enforced.
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    You are racist!

    We are not 'White Voters', we are American Citizens!

    Get your facts straight!
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    President Trump needs to set up a go fund me account "BRICK IN THE WALL" where we can donate and buy a brick in memory of all those who lost their lives to ILLEGAL aliens!
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