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    Illegal Immigration Jokes

    A collection of jokes about illegal immigration: ... ration.htm

    The liberals are saying that this guest worker program ... is really just a way to depress wages and create a permanent underclass of exploited labor. To which the president said, 'And the problem is?'" --Bill Maher

    "President Bush said today he has nothing but respect for Mexico and its people and he will always speak the truth to them. Here's my question: When can we get that deal?" --Jay Leno

    This past week there were half a million illegal immigrants on the streets of Los Angeles and that was before the protests. That was Friday. ... Half a million people? It looked like career day at Wal-Mart."

    "Over a million people marched today in cities across the country to protest immigration laws. And while we were watching them do that, a million more people snuck across the U.S./Mexican border." --Jay Leno

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