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    Illegal Immigration Protests & Craven High School Princi ... 222006.htm

    Illegal Immigration Protests & Craven High School Principals
    Culture War/Lisa Rahmanan
    April 22, 2006
    For liberals and other left leaning types, the reason America is hated is because she "hordes" her extreme wealth and "uses up" most of the worlds resources, while the poor Third Worlders live in torrid conditions. These people conveniently ignore the fact that this wealth isn't there just hanging off a tree, and that it's produced by hard working Americans. If only, they say, America would share her wealth, give everyone jobs, open up her borders, offer cradle to grave welfare, free education and healthcare, she will be respected once more.

    Well I'm sorry but I disagree!!! As I see it, more un-earned benefits you give to people, the more they will hate you for it. I think it's because deep down, they know they could never have produced what they were so freely given by greedy American politicians. That much is obvious to me, at least from reading about immigration protests where American flags are either burned, or held upside down, where there have been signs proclaiming that Mexicans are the rightful owners of this land, and when a high school principal joins his students in the protests (under the guise if keeping an eye on them).

    Unfortunately, I think such treachery is only the beginning.

    Richard Montgomery High School, in Rockville Maryland is granting community service credit to students who participate in the pro-illegal immigrant protests. And they have teamed up with the organization CASA to do so.

    Now when I read this, I was furious. I am the daughter of LEGAL immigrants who came to the U.S. and did not demand welfare and bilingual education and all the other goodies these current open borders groups see as an inalienable right. And they made a very good life for themselves nonetheless. So I tried calling the school to give them a piece of my mind, but they are on Spring break, and will return the 18th of this month.

    The Principal of Richard Montgomery High School is one E. Moreno Corasco. I don't know if it's a man or a woman, but it definitely sounds like a Mexican name to me. And that brings me back to the point I made earlier about how people who receive unearned benefits end up hating their benefactors. It's also (for me) yet another example of how illegal immigrants from Mexico DO NOT come here to be Americans, but that they come only for the "easy money." And that attitude is passed down to their anchor baby children, who feel no loyalty whatsoever to this country. NO loyal American citizen would allow his/her students to participate in demonstrations where lawbreakers demand rights while holding the American flag upside down and claiming the land belongs to them! And from what I've heard this is going on all across Maryland as well!

    Now I m wondering if this this Moreno-Corasco or any of the other high school principals would allow community service credit for their students to participate in a closed borders protest. No way!!! I think it would be safe to say that if any students did so, they would be disciplined, and the school administrators would also throw in a bunch of mandatory lectures on the virtue of tolerance.

    This is the exact opposite of what things were like when I was in school. Back in those days (like I'm so old, hehehe) we recited the Pledge of allegiance. There was none of this current nonsense about the Pledge being unconstitutional. We all did it. And maybe the people at Richard Montgomery High School need to start reciting it again. Also, all the educrats who authorized this whole protest/community service credit deal with CASA should be fired!
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    Seems there's a select few hording the wealth and it appears to be the leaders of the countries, not the citizens.
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