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    illegal workers would go for a U.S.-run guest-worker program

    Tucson Region
    Opinion by Ernesto Portillo Jr.: 3 illegal workers would go for a U.S.-run guest-worker program
    Opinion by Ernesto Portillo Jr.
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 11.29.2005

    It was several hours before President Bush touched down Monday afternoon at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to talk up his immigration reform plan.

    On a South Side street corner, several day laborers were already talking about Bush's immigration ideas.

    "He should give us work permits so we can work and return home to be with our families," said Carlos José Velásquez, a 31-year-old Honduran.
    The morning air was still cold from the overnight freeze, but the three men know the political winds are burning hot with talk about illegal immigration.

    Nearly everyone has been talking about how to deal with people illegally crossing the border. Undocumented immigrants have something to say, too.

    "We just ask for the opportunity to work," said César GarcÃ*a, a 32-year-old Mexican worker from Cancun.

    The workers were unaware of the president's visit Monday, but they know they are the subject of divisive debate across the country. Various bills have been proposed in Congress, which range from sealing the border with increased enforcement to allowing undocumented immigrants to legally work in the country.

    Bush, in his speech to federal Customs and Border Protection agents, touted his administration's get-tough response to illegal immigration. He cited the spending of millions of dollars for new agents, physical barriers and technology, which Bush claimed is denting the flow of illegal immigrants.

    Bush said he wants undocumented immigrants to understand that if they violate immigration laws, they will be repatriated to their home countries.

    "And they need to stay at home," the president said.
    The workers I spoke with agreed with the president. They want to stay home, too.

    "I have not seen my family," said Velásquez who crossed the border more than a year ago and has not returned to Honduras to see his wife and child. GarcÃ*a, too, has not seen his two children and wife for more than a year.

    Crossing the border illegally has become more difficult and expensive. Going home and returning to this country is too risky, they said.

    But the jobs are north of the border and that's why they are here, they said.

    Alfredo Figueroa, 39, from Acapulco, Mexico, has been in this country for 14 years and is a legal resident.
    Jobs can be found but not steady work, he said.

    Even when they work, they don't always get paid. Figueroa said his most recent employer fired him and did not pay him his wages.

    The workers said any guest-worker program should include protection rights for them.

    They also scoffed at claims that more border agents and fences will reduce illegal immigration. Jumping the border will become more difficult but not impossible, they said.

    To large extent the workers agreed with the president. More enforcement will not work without temporary-worker provisions.

    Workers need to register for a fixed time and return home, Bush said. This will permit honest workers to provide for their families and respect the law. It will also reduce the number of people who cross the border illegally, permitting border agents to nab the bad guys, Bush said.

    Finally there's a consensus on immigration reform.

    If the president and undocumented immigrants can agree on a plan, surely Congress can, too.
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    If the president and undocumented immigrants can agree on a plan, surely Congress can, too.
    And to hell with what citizens say I guess.
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