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    Immigrants' blood is on Fox's hands ... ts014.html

    Jun. 1, 2005 12:00 AM

    Shame on Mexican President Vicente Fox, who sends his people into the desert to die because he is so greedy for their U.S. dollars!

    Why does he not use Mexico's natural riches to create an economy in Mexico so his people can stay home and take care of their families? It is his job to take care of his people.

    Mexicans dying in the desert leaves blood on Vicente Fox's hands, not ours. - Ruth Eldridge, Phoenix
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    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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    Why does he not use Mexico's natural riches to create an economy in Mexico
    This is Mexico's 11 billionaire's money!
    NOTHING goes to the people.

    YES, JP........that bum is actually a murderer! Especially since he had that BOOKLET/COMIC BOOK printed up for the ILLEGALS. Now, he can't possibly get away with saying he's not involved!!

    Can HE BE SUED? Hmmmm........I've never thought of that before.
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    Re: Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by ohflyingone
    Is it contagious, because it seems that some ego-heads in D.C. have the same symptoms.
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