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Thread: Immigration Advocate: Obama Was So Committed To Working With Congress He Had To Lie [

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    Immigration Advocate: Obama Was So Committed To Working With Congress He Had To Lie [

    Immigration Advocate: Obama Was So Committed To Working With Congress He Had To Lie [VIDEO]

    Watch Dally Caller Video at the link.

    4:25 PM 12/02/2014


    Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, leading immigration advocate Marielena Hincapié explained President Barack Obama’s flip-flopping on the legality of his executive action by saying he was so committed to working with Congress on immigration reform he had to lie about his inability to change policy on his own.

    The hearing, called to examine the constitutionality of the president’s executive action, kicked off with a four-and-a-half minute video compilation of every time Obama said he couldn’t reform the immigration system on his own.

    For example: “I know some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself,” he said in 2011, “but that’s not how democracy works. See democracy is hard, but it’s right. Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds, and changing votes, one by one.” (RELATED: Obama Has The Power To Grant Amnesty, Says Obama’s ICE Director Nominee)

    Hincapié, Executive Director of the National Immigration Law Center, was asked by Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner why the president, after saying on at least 22 separate occasions he did not have the power to do what he did, “he did a 180.”

    “Unfortunately I think the president was talking politics,” she began. “He made those comments, much to our dismay, because we believed for many years now that the president did, and does in fact have the legal authority. The president on a number of those occasions was specifically talking about immigration reform–he has been so focused on getting immigration reform done with Congress that he continually told the immigrant rights community that he could not do immigration reform.”

    At this point Rep. Sensenbrenner cut Hincapié off and asked Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, the same question.

    “I think the president was correct when he said he could not make the law or change the law,” Sekulow said. “He was speaking correctly. I think when he made the statement that he has changed the law, he recognized also that he did something–he thought he changed the law. He doesn’t think, by the way, that it was simply a policy decision, he stated he changed the law, and I don’t–as I said in my testimony, Congressman, I don’t believe there’s anybody on this Committee that believes that the president has the authority to change the law. He knew he did not when he made the statement 22 times, and then he changed the law. He doesn’t get to do that.”

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    Awesome, got to get word out about this. this is our release...

    Breaking News: Our #video of #Obama lying 22 times played for Congressional Committee!

    Here is the video...

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    Ten, I believe, ten Presidents have held office since 1961, five from each of the major parties. None of them have done a deportation sweep of aliens since 1959, that President is not part of the ten offending Presidents.. Two questions I must seek answers for. One, why did'nt 10 Presidents from both parties do a general thorough deportation of aliens. Two, why did we keep electing presidents from those parties that ignored Constitutional duties?

    Question one, the only answer I see is that we kept electing, and six times re-elected Presidents from those parties, so the parties never felt threatened over this issue. Question two, I cannot even theorize a plausible answer to that one. So, if you can, please do.

    I can offer testament that when we American citizens do not demand our Federal authorities perform fully their duties, some of our friends and neighbors suffer terrible consequences because of who we elected! I think the time has come to make real change as it seems justice will not be served by the existing major parties!
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