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    Immigration issues result in POLL PLUNGE for BUSH!

    Bush's plunge in polls tied to domestic issues
    3/31/05 By Bill Sammon THE WASHINGTON TIMES Topics: President, Congress, Senate, Campaigns, Illegal Immigration, Americans, Republican, Democrat

    President Bush's record-low approval ratings are a result primarily of public dissatisfaction with his handling of domestic issues that loom larger than foreign policy in his second term.

    Read the latest headlines about illegal immigration. On issues such as immigration and controlling federal spending, Americans disapprove of the president's approach by margins of at least 20 percent, according to Gallup. While they approve of his handling of terrorism by a similar margin, such foreign-policy issues have faded from the headlines in recent months.

    "We don't get caught up in the week-by-week polling that goes on," White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One yesterday.

    But the presidential spokesman went on to cite a "Gallup survey showing now that Social Security was at the top of the list in terms of the priorities that need to be addressed."

    Unfortunately for Mr. Bush, Gallup also found that only 35 percent of Americans approve of his handling of Social Security, compared with 56 percent who disapprove. While other surveys show greater approval of the president's Social Security stance, he generally polls worse on domestic issues than foreign.

    "The thing he did so well since 9/11 was terrorism, which was international," said Frank Newport, Gallup editor in chief. "He never did as well on anything domestic as he did when it came to issues like protecting the U.S. from terrorism."

    With Americans now focusing more on economic issues such as the soaring price of gasoline, the president's stature is beginning to suffer.

    "Ratings of the economy are down," Mr. Newport said. "To the degree that Americans don't focus on terrorism or overseas, and do focus domestically, our data suggest Americans aren't all that happy domestically at the moment."

    Pollster Matthew Dowd, who was chief strategist for the president's re-election campaign, agreed.

    "If you look at people's satisfaction about where the country is, it's dropped dramatically in the last month," he said. "People are less worried about terrorism and more worried about their own situation at home â€
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    Dubya is a chip off the Bush Senior block.

    When Clinton was elected I thought we couldn't elect a dumber idiot. I was wrong. Clinton looks like a genious compared to Bush.
    They are "undocumented" border patrol agents, not vigilantes.

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    Old El Rushbo is really going to start earning his pay, propping Bush up.
    It's like hell vomited and the Bush administration appeared.

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    "We don't get caught up in the week-by-week polling that goes on," White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One yesterday.
    Of course not. You guys don't care what anybody thinks now that our votes aren't needed anymore. This spokeshole for Bush can be the perfect replacement for Iraq's Baghdad Bob. This guy doesn't answer a straight question at all.

    When Clinton was elected I thought we couldn't elect a dumber idiot. I was wrong. Clinton looks like a genious compared to Bush.
    Dude nobody is more dissappointed in Bush then I am. I voted for that clown back in 2000. I was a fool. I wanted Clinton/Gore gone so bad that I would have even chose Ronald McDonald to run the country. I hated them so much. But when that snake in the grass Bush spoke during his 2000 campaign about limited government, secure borders, not being the world's police and staying out of international affairs, strict spending, being pro life, etc/etc/etc I was saying amen, I was saying thank god someone has the balls to do what needs to be done. I believed that man's lies. Even when some people who were conservative was telling me not to believe this man and that he's a sellout, I was telling them to give Bush a chance because he by accident should be way better than Clinton/Gore. I drank the kool-aide. When Bush got elected back in 2000 I cheered, I cried, I even went down on my knees to thank god that the age of stupidity was about to come to an end. Even though Bush said some questionable things about Mexico back in 2000 I drank the kool-aide and thought he was just saying this to make some liberals happy and to win over some liberal voters and that he really didn't mean what he said. I was concerned about the borders even back then. After 9-11 I thought Bush would surely close our borders and deport the illegal aliens en masse. He had the perfect opportunity and the perfect excuse. He still could do it and 90 percent of America would be all for it. It would be the best political move he could make despite what the left wing media would say. I was very patient in waiting.

    In 2002 when the Republicans won full control of Congress I cheered even louder. I thought now we are going to get somewhere. No excuses now. Now we are going to secure our borders and enforce our laws. Then Bush started sending billions of dollars of foreign aide to Africa to combat aides, it irked me a little bit, but I thought ok he's a politican, I aint going to see eye to eye with him on everything so I let that go. Then he came out with this No Child Left Behind and I was like what is going on with this guy and he sided with Ted Kennedy to boot, but I let that slide too. Then I really started to get leery of this guy when he came out with that major albatross called his prescription drug bill (540 billion by the way). Then I started to notice Bush's out of control spending and I was beginning to think maybe this guy isn't as good as I thought he was, maybe I was wrong about him. Then when he announced his amnesty guest worker program I was outraged and that was the final straw for me with Bush. I was like alright, that's it, I can't in my good conscienousness support this guy anymore or justify what he's doing and I didn't vote for him last year.

    I admit the guy had me fooled back in 2000, I think he had alot of conservatives fooled. But he didn't fool me again in 2004 and he definitely doesn't have me fooled now. I drank the kool-aide and I'm embarrassed about it. This guy made a fool out of me and that's why I speak so harshly of him nowadays. I believed in him like a fool and he broke my heart. Now that I've been transformed from an unwashed ignoramous to an intelligent informed human being compounded by anger because of the betrayal of the party I once believed in, I will no longer believe or trust any politican unless they earn it.

    Bush's low approval ratings are well deserved. It's not just his immigration policies that are atrocious. His whole domestic policies in general are a disaster. The value of the dollar is majorly declining. Some foreign markets won't even invest in us anymore because of our massive federal and trade debts. Millions of jobs are being lost on the home front under the guise of free trade and the jobs replacing the ones lost are low end jobs given to either legal foreign workers and/or illegal aliens. Bush's spending policies are way out of control. This clown has expanded government more than any Democrat could ever dream of while launching even larger entitlement programs. DHS which was built to supposedly better protect the homeland has just merely compounded a bunch of agencies into an even more gigantic bureaucracy. We got hit with 9-11 during Bush's term and yet the bureaucratic policies that allowed 9-11 to happen have gotten even worse. Our borders are more porous then ever. Legal immigration is much more looser. Visas restrictions for foreign nationals especially of Saudi dissent have become more laxed. We have 3 times the number of illegals crossing our borders. What has this guy done other than the war with Afhganistan that you can say he has done well? This guy seems to be more concerned with the borders and citizens of foreign nations then he is our borders and our nation.

    Bush is already a lameduck. Nobody trust him on the toughest issues like immigration, social security, tax cuts, education, health care, etc and why should they? This guy has proven that he's a lying snake in the grass, he's a phony that can't be trusted. Another thing he did that irked me was the Shiavo case. This clown could have saved her if he wanted to. Worst case senario, Bush could have sent in federal marshalls to bust in an save her. Instead he left it up to the rogue courts who could have cared less and she starved to death and then Bush acts like there's nothing he could do because the courts are too powerful. Then Bush comes on with this rah/rah speech about how the strong should uphold the weak and how we should err on the side of life when in doubt. Oh please Bush. If that's the case then why didn't you act. You Bush are the most powerful man in the whole free world and are in charge of the safety and well being of the most powerful nation on earth and your telling me that some unelected, unaccountable state judge has more power then you and your stooge brother who's governor of Florida? Give me a break, Bush could have squashed that judge like an ant if he had the political will and while we are at it why don't you secure our borders, enforce our immigration laws if you are so pro life. Isn't protecting the lives of your constituents your top priority Mr Bush? You Mr Bush have the power to secure our borders and enforce our laws and you could do this like 4 years ago, you could do this now with an executive order and a phone call, but instead you will cave in to interest of foreign nations who are hell bent on ending our sovereignty, the left wing media, the Democrats, big corporate business elities like Wall Street and some unelected, unaccountable nazies in black robes and the rotten verminous lawyers. It's amazing that Terry Shiavo was starved to death because she didn't fill out a living will, yet we have tons of death row inmates convicted of all kinds of heinous crimes who get infinite amount of appeals which allows them to stay alive for decades, major sympathy from the media and the treason lobbies and they get 3 square meals a day to boot. Oh and if one of them was dared ordered to starve to death then we know what the outcry would have been then especially if they were an illegal alien.

    Bush is hellbent on appeasing his/our enemies at our expense. He is (I've said this before) the number one threat to our sovereignty and it pains me to say this. I hope his approval ratings get so low (like in the 20's would be nice) that not only is he a lame duck, but that his own party will consider impeaching him, not because they want to, but because siding with him would be political suicide and hopefully these cowards will develop religion and listen to what the people want. Listen to what the people want? Hmm isn't that what King George tells other foreign leaders to do all the time? Talk about a hypocrit. Maybe it's time King George listens to his own advice and starts practicing what he preaches.
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