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    Immigration's riveting question to Americans

    Immigration's riveting question to Americans

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:25

    By Frosty Wooldridge

    Senators Orrin Hatch, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid--aid and abet illegal immigration by doing nothing to stop it. Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, Degette of Colorado and hundreds of other elected American leaders support illegal and legal immigration without end. They support H-1B visas, chain migration, anchor babies and diversity visas. Their actions and inactions on illegal immigration gave the 9/11 terrorists an open door with driver’s licenses, sanctuary laws in major cities, lax immigration enforcement and confidence to the terrorists they could succeed.

    But they also have given us a massive legal immigration crisis where-by millions of immigrants pour into our country without end. It begs the question.

    "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" is a standard opening salvo as one political candidate attempts to unseat the incumbent. But not today! We are not candidates for any office except average citizen. The target for our questions is not an incumbent office holder, but an entrenched government policy-–massive, unrestricted immigration into the United States.

    It began in 1965 when Teddy Kennedy and President Johnson pushed the Immigration Reform Bill that changed the average of 178,000 immigrants allowed into this country annually to an unprecedented one million which as ballooned to over 1.5 million today. Added to that number, according to the Center For Immigration Studies, 800,000 illegal aliens now immigrate into America annually. The total of illegals is between 15 to 20 million. Are you better off in 2010 than you were 70 million immigrants ago including their offspring in 1965? Are your schools in better shape as they cope with multiple languages, overcrowded classrooms, rising campus violence, teacher shortages, and a record setting student population of 53 million, heading for 97 million by the end of this century? Are your students better prepared to meet the challenges of a new century and a global marketplace?

    If you’re in California, Texas, Colorado, Georgia or North Carolina and many other states including Michigan, your kids sit in classrooms with over 50 languages being spoken. The resulting confusion means they aren’t learning what they need to learn in this highly competitive world. More than two million California kids study in trailers because they don’t have enough classrooms.

    Is your healthcare system better off as it sinks under a sea of uninsurable illegal aliens? What of the millions of legal and refugee immigrants who not only have no insurance, but often work on cash basis and pay no taxes to support the social services they need? If you look at the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, 77 of their hospitals are bankrupting to the tune of $1.4 billion to bail them out with your tax dollars. Senator John McCain who has done nothing to stop the immigration flood, recently asked for US taxpayers to pay the $1.4 billion. Why are those hospitals broke? They must serve an average of 400,000 illegal alien mothers-to-be who cross over our borders annually and throw themselves into our maternity wards. From there, those babies are now Americans and must be protected by US social services paid for by your taxes.

    Do you feel more secure as diseases enter our nation on the bodies of the 10 million unscreened illegal and poorly screened legal immigrants and refugees? Are you aware that illegal aliens have brought in 7,000 new cases of leprosy in the past 10 years from hotspots like India, Brazil, the Caribbean and Mexico? How about the 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis brought over the border from Mexico in eight years. It’s called MDR TB or multi-drug resistant tuberculosis which is incurable. Consider thousands of cases of hepatitis A now in the USA being spread around the country because these illegal immigrants work in fast food and motels. How long was the average wait for ER care 35 years ago, and how long is it today? For example, in California, persons entering ER wards must wait from four to eight hours for care because so many human bodies are backed up. Some citizens have died waiting in the ER wards.

    Is your drive to work easier today with millions of added cars on our gridlocked highways? What once took you 30 minutes to get to work now takes the better part of an hour. For examples of what’s coming to your state soon, California adds 500 cars per day to its already choked highway systems. As drivers bump and nudge to and from work, they breathe increasingly polluted air from the millions of exhaust pipes around them.

    Is respect for our national sovereignty and rule of law higher today, with about 20 million foreign nationals living here without passing through legal immigration screening? Is our environment cleaner today than 35 years ago? How do you feel about the loss of millions of acres of cropland as urban development attempts to keep up with a population mushroom? It takes 12.6 acres of land to support each new person who resides in America.

    In the 1940’s Idaho Senator William Borah noted that "The marvel of all history is the patience with which American men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their government." Turning his statement into a question, as we grill an increasingly arrogant incumbent immigration policy: "How long do you plan on setting such high numbers of immigrants? How long do you think we’ll sit still for numbers that overwhelm any hope of planning for a future less crowded, and chaotic than Bangladesh?" The more extreme our numbers, the more extreme our children’s consequences. Fellow Americans—we are in trouble! ... icans.html

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    Good article and just what I have been saying about the reason American childrens education has gone to hell, but no one will address the real reason, they just keep throwing more money at it and that will solve nothing. Wake up Americans who have children in the school system, it is time to speak out!!
    Please support ALIPAC's fight to save American Jobs & Lives from illegal immigration by joining our free Activists E-Mail Alerts (CLICK HERE)

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