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    Indians Need Not Fear Cuts to H-1B Visas Despite Recession

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    Cut in H1B visas unlikely: US Consul General

    V Gangadharan

    First Published : 13 Nov 2008 04:59:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 13 Nov 2008 07:47:44 AM IST

    ISTCHENNAI: Will there be any ‘protectionist’ measure like a cut in the quota of H1B visas in the near future because of the economic meltdown and ‘electoral change’ in America? ‘Not likely,’ was the reply of US Consul General in Chennai, Andrew T Simkin.

    Speaking to this website's newspaper, after participating in a meet on the Indo-US relations in the post US Election Scenario, organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) here on Wednesday, the US diplomat said there had always been a clamour for more number of H1B visas from many quarters.

    When asked if the recent developments in the US could warrant any ‘radical shift’ in visa norms, especially for more popular visa-type like the H1B, the Consul General said such a thing was remote and unlikely. ‘It is a serious thing requiring legal amendments and I do not think this could be a priority,’ he said.

    “The one thing that we accord top priority at the consulate here is that only the right person goes to the US on our visas,
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    From Website, comment:
    "Far from loss of jobs in the US because of outsourcing, the country had actually gained tremendously due to Indian investments there." Comment: Cunningly and connivingly confusing jobs and outsourcing with "investments" to produce a smoke cloud. The AVERAGE American citizen has not "gained tremendously" due to outsourcing to India. "This was brought out well by the study conducted recently by the Indo-US Joint Business Council recently." Comment: An impartial research group for sure. "The Indian investments there helped creation of jobs manifold. Not only American Indians, but all others including the Whites benefitted," Murari said. Comment: Not only is this not true, but it is bordering on racism; maybe even crossing the border. By "American Indians" does he mean Indian-Americans i.e. desis? In the U.S., the phrase American Indian invariably means Apache, Cherokee, Iroquois... native Americans. Now, what about this "including the Whites"? You mean blacks DIDN'T benefit? Wh
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