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    Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King endorses Thompson ... -thompson/
    By Michelle Malkin • December 17, 2007 10:27 AM

    Scroll down for updates…full statement added…

    Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King announced his endorsement for president this morning. He’s going with Fred Thompson.

    As I mentioned, Rep. King has been one of the strongest proponents of strict immigration enforcement. Looks like Mitt Romney’s Meet The Press performance yesterday–go back and read his Clintonian answer on amnesty–didn’t help. Like I said yesterday, the endorsement promises to carry much more weight with grass-roots conservatives than the left-leaning Des Moines Register’s.

    Duh headline of the day: Immigration a big issue to NH, Iowa GOP.


    Hold the line. My insider said it was Thompson. First Read says it’s Romney.

    Stand by.

    MSNBC is wrong. It’s Thompson, as I reported. Intrigue. MSNBC corrects itself:

    *** UPDATE *** King just announced that he’s supporting Thompson. Team Romney is in the back of the room looking bewildered. They were all here, leading all the press to conclude that it was an endorsement for Romney.

    Stand by for more.

    Well, I have more. Here’s an exclusive excerpt of the text Rep. King read this morning:

    The cultural calamity toward which we are headed is the focus of my life. I believe America was founded by Christians and that the broad core of our culture is Christian, founded in Judaeo-Christian values. I do not believe America, or the American Presidency, is closed to other faiths, let alone other Christian faiths. I believe our destiny as a nation is in the hands of God, but as individuals we have free will. Some are so passionate in their beliefs that they believe they have the market cornered on salvation. In fact, if we didn’t believe our faith was the true faith, there would be no reason for competing denominations. God only knows if any of us are right, but each of us justly believe we are.

    In the time that I’ve been evaluating the candidates, I’ve dealt with them in every arena. I’ve probed their private thoughts and measured their responses. I’ve gotten to know their families. I’ve watched and sometimes helped shape their policies. I’ve measured their instincts and intelligence

    There is only one candidate who epitomizes the full spectrum of our conservative values. There is one who is a comfortable conservative whom I have full confidence in his decisions.

    That candidate also has the fire in his belly to go the distance and the brains and resources to get there.

    That candidate also meets the test of life and marriage, judges and borders. That candidate has taken solid, persistent, and principled positions consistent with the Republican platform-which we wrote to inform the candidates of the positions of Iowa Republicans.

    That candidate has a record of faith, family, freedom, service, and success.

    There is no question about that candidate’s position on protecting our sovereignty at the borders, in the workplace and on the streets of America. The Rule of Law will be reestablished in American life. My long and exceptionally deliberative evaluation of the Republican candidates for president has come to an end.

    I will put all my efforts into and the fire into the belly of the person whom I believe destiny has called to be the next president of the United States…


    Here’s the full statement:

    Iowans have a profound opportunity and a great responsibility to make the first in the nation recommendation for president to the rest of America. Of 300 million Americans, one in 100 are Iowans. Of Iowans, only about one in 15 will attend either the Democrat or the Republican caucus. Your vote in the Iowa caucus will likely have 1500 times more impact than that of the average American. This is a profound responsibility. It is our duty to determine the most important issues and set criteria for how we make our decisions.

    Iowans have a unique and historic opportunity to see and hear, in person, each of the presidential candidates. As a Republican member of the Iowa Congressional Delegation, I have had the opportunity and the privilege to meet individually and privately with them, giving me a unique insight into the candidates.

    During the past year and a half, I have come to like and respect all the presidential candidates. Each has demonstrated real leadership and success in their respective careers. All are capable and effective. All are capable of winning the general election. The questions before us are, “Who would make the best leader of the free world? Who would best lead the United States to the next level of our destiny? Which of the candidate’s records demonstrates the vision to lead and is consistent with our platform and values?

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    I'm going to email King and ask him why he is endorsing a member ff the Counsel on Foreign Relations which endorses the NAU.

    To email him, I used zip 50801-8522.

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