Benjy Sarlin 4:28 PM EST, Friday February 1, 2013

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) said on Friday she wanted tough border security measures in any comprehensive reform bill, but stopped short of demanding that Southwestern officials like herself have veto power over whether undocumented immigrants can apply for green cards.

"It ought to be determined by all of us collectively together," Brewer told Fox News when asked about the trigger. "We need to talk to the experts. We need to talk to the people that live at the border, and certainly the elected officials that are the people getting contacted and dealing with it not only on a daily basis, but you know, we've been dealing with it on a daily basis for years."

Under the Senate's bipartisan plan, Brewer and other officials in the region would be part of a commission on border security, but members of the Senate group say they would not have the final say in whether the border is secure enough to put undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship.

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